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Thread: nüvi 1300/1300T

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    Re: GARMIN NUVI - Loading maps

    On the Nuvi 1300, the preinstalled map is placed in the hidden dir .system

    Try to create the Garmin\Map dir and put there the new map renamed gmapsupp.img or gmapprom1.img . (experimental)

    If doesn't work, on the PC (folder options > view) enable the vision of the system and hidden folder, find the .system dir in the Nuvi's root and replace the old map with the new one, make a backup of the original map first!!

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    Re: GARMIN NUVI - Loading maps

    I tried placing the .img map into [B] Garmin\Map [B] dir and renaming didnt work out.

    Im using a Mac. I found the .system which file would be the existing map on the device?

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    Cool Re: GARMIN NUVI - Loading maps

    Worked! Thanks Sir for your support.

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    Re: GARMIN NUVI - Loading maps

    In my idea Nuvi1300 like 1490T,and i do not have experience in Mac,so let's try browse with MS window;

    1.This Nuvi version 1XXX ,it's storage map in X:/Garmin/.system/gmapprom.img, and .system folder is hidden you can"t see it in normal.
    2. to see hidden file click to show hidden files and folders.
    3. back up your preload map by rename to gmapprom.img.bak or the other name ;prevent to duplicate and lost file.
    4. in Garmin/.system folder accept only map name gmapprom.img-gmapprom1.img-gmapoem.img-gmapsupp.img and only gmapbmap.img for detail base map please donot touch it.
    5. in SD card accept only map name gmapsupp.img .
    6. both in Garmin and SD card you can use one map name only; if you have many exp. you can use gmaptool to join many map to one file.
    7. don"t forget unlock file for each map. good luck. ^^

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    Re: GARMIN NUVI - Loading maps

    On nuvi 13xx yo can upload 10 maps if you like not only one.
    In folder Map rename gmapsupp.img to Cn 2011.10.img or whatever name you like and nuvi racognize map.
    I have on my nuvi serie 13xx in folder Map on Sd map named CN 2011.10.img AR3.10.img Greece_Cyprus Anavasi 4.34.img Garmin - NaviGuide Hungary 5.4.img Garmin Navcity Turkey 2009.06.img and all work fine.

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    Re: GARMIN NUVI - Loading maps

    I have a nuvi 200w and cannot put the unlocked img on the device. So I bought a non sdhc sd card, formatted in fat32, made garmin directory and copied unlocked img to the card. The device does not recognize the new map (renamed it gmapsupp). Any help would be great!

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    Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2010.30.gmap - I have the map file but can't u

    I have this map but I don't understand how to unlock it for use on my other NUVI 1300's. I have been reading other threads but I must be thick because I just don't understand. Thanks for any help. SteveS

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    Re: Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2010.30.gmap - I have the map file but can

    Use jetMouse keygen. The mapid is 2200.

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    Nuvi 1300 show LA,JCV and Photo Real

    Google on Nuvi 1300
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    nüvi 1300

    Here's another way to have more than 1 map in your Nüvi (e.g. 1300).
    Almost all maps must be in the Garmin/.System folders. (Works too in microSD/SD cards)
    Create a Map folder, put in all the maps you want, rename to any name you wish (but must be *.img)
    And you can deselect maps you do not wish to use at that moment -
    Go thru tools, settings, map and info to deselect/select maps.

    Let me know if this trick works & with what models of Garmin.

    Your comments would be appreciates.
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