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Thread: [INDEX] Garmin Models Listing

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    Post [INDEX] Garmin Models Listing

    Credits to all GPSU uploaders and contributors

    • Please post in the appropriate series/model threads.
    • In case your series/model is not listed then create a new thread.

    Approach series

    Astro series
    Astro 220

    Colorado series
    Colorado 300
    Colorado 400/400c

    Dakota series
    Dakota 10
    Dakota 20

    dēzl series
    dēzl 560LT/560LMT

    Edge 605
    Edge 705
    Edge 800/810

    eTrex series
    eTrex 10/20/30
    Legend HCx
    Venture HC

    Nuvifone A50
    Nuvifone M10

    GPS 18x USB/PC/LVC
    GPS 76

    GPSMAP series
    GPSMAP 178C Sounder
    GPSMAP 2010/2010C
    GPSMAP 235 Sounder
    GPSMAP 276/276c/278
    GPSMAP 3210
    GPSMAP 420
    GPSMAP 421
    GPSMAP 430/430s/430x/430sx
    GPSMAP 441
    GPSMAP 498
    GPSMAP 520
    GPSMAP 525
    GPSMAP 531/531s
    GPSMAP 541/545
    GPSMAP 60CS/60CSx
    GPSMAP 62/62CSx/62s/62st
    GPSMAP 620
    GPSMAP 64
    GPSMAP 640
    GPSMAP 720/720s
    GPSMAP 740/740s
    GPSMAP 750/750s
    GPSMAP 76/76CSx

    GTM 21

    iQue 3600

    Montana 600/650/650t

    nüvi series
    nüvi 1100
    nüvi 1200
    nüvi 1210
    nüvi 1240/1245
    nüvi 1250
    nüvi 1260T
    nüvi 1300/1300T
    nüvi 1310
    nüvi 1340
    nüvi 1350/1350T
    nüvi 1355
    nüvi 1370
    nüvi 1390/1390T/1390LMT
    nüvi 140/150/150LMT
    nüvi 1410
    nüvi 1440
    nüvi 1450/1450T/1450LM/1450LMT
    nüvi 1490/1490T/1490TV/1490LMT
    nüvi 1690/nüLink! 1695
    nüvi 200/200W
    nüvi 205/205W
    nüvi 215
    nüvi 2200
    nüvi 2250
    nüvi 2340
    nüvi 2350/2350LT/2350LMT
    nüvi 2360/2360LT/2360LMT
    nüvi 245
    nüvi 2460/2460LM/2460LT/2460LMT
    nüvi 2465/2465LM/2465LT/2465LMT
    nüvi 2495LM/2495LMT
    nüvi 2497/2497LMT
    nüvi 250/250W
    nüvi 2507
    nüvi 2540LM/2545
    nüvi 2548/2548LMT/2548LMT-D
    nüvi 255/255W
    nüvi 2555LT/2555LMT
    nüvi 2567/2567LM/2567LMT
    nüvi 2580TV
    nüvi 2595LMT
    nüvi 2597LMT
    nüvi 2598LMT/2598LMT-D
    nüvi 260/260W
    nüvi 265/265W/265WT
    nüvi 270
    nüvi 295W
    nüvi 30/40/40LM/50/50LM
    nüvi 300
    nüvi 310
    nüvi 3450/3450LM
    nüvi 3490LMT
    nüvi 350
    nüvi 3590/3590LMT
    nüvi 3597LMTHD
    nüvi 360
    nüvi 3750
    nüvi 3760/3760T
    nüvi 3790/3790T
    nüvi 465T
    nüvi 500
    nüvi 5000
    nüvi 510
    nüvi 54/54LM
    nüvi 550/550T
    nüvi 620
    nüvi 65/65LM/65LMT
    nüvi 650
    nüvi 660
    nüvi 670
    nüvi 680
    nüvi 7x0/7x5
    nüvi 705
    nüvi 710
    nüvi 750
    nüvi 755/755T
    nüvi 760
    nüvi 765/765T
    nüvi 770
    nüvi 775T
    nüvi 780
    nüvi 850
    nüvi 855
    nüvi 860
    nüvi 885T
    nüvi series Tips and Tricks
    nüvi series Lifetime Traffic
    nüvi series Problems Discussion

    Oregon series
    Oregon 300
    Oregon 400/400T
    Oregon 450/450T
    Oregon 550/550T
    Oregon 600/650/650T

    Quest/Quest 2

    Rino 110/120
    Rino 530HCx
    Rino 650

    Garmin Mobile PC
    Garmin Mobile XT - HTC
    Garmin Mobile XT - Kenwood
    Garmin Mobile XT - Nokia
    Garmin Mobile XT - Samsung
    Garmin Mobile XT - Sony Ericsson
    Garmin Mobile XT - Windows CE (PNA)
    Garmin Mobile XT - Windows Mobile/PPC (PDA)
    Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry
    Garmin Mobile for Android
    Garmin Navigator for Android
    Garmin Smartphone Link for Android
    Garmin for iPhone

    StreetPilot series
    StreetPilot c310
    StreetPilot c320
    StreetPilot c330
    StreetPilot c340
    StreetPilot c510
    StreetPilot c550
    StreetPilot c580
    StreetPilot ColorMap
    StreetPilot III
    StreetPilot i3
    StreetPilot 2610
    StreetPilot 2720
    StreetPilot 2820
    StreetPilot 7200
    StreetPilot v6.5.3 for iphone & ipad

    zūmo series
    zūmo 210 CE/220
    zūmo 550
    zūmo 590
    zūmo 660

    Honda GL1800
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    Re: [INDEX] Garmin Models Listing

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    Re: [INDEX] Garmin Models Listing


    I just bought Garmin nuvi 2450 last week. I have never used GPS system before. I can't find the option where I can view the speed camera/gardai checkpoints. Do I have to install any file? If so, where can I download the file? Any recommended websites?
    Sorry for my ignorance

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    Re: [INDEX] Garmin Models Listing

    where's the monterra????

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