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Thread: Extra_POI_Editor v5.27

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    Re: Extra_POI_Editor v5.27

    Turboccc, I added POIs to Current.gpx, saved it on PC. I copyed and replace the old Current.gpx with the new one in my Garmin nuvi 3590. But when I disconnect and connect again nuvi to PC, I see the old file has been restored. What can I do?

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    Re: Extra_POI_Editor v5.27

    Hi Turbo CCC

    Hope this thread is still live as no activity for a while here, if no can Admin please mover this post to the proper place,

    I have used your program a number of times with great success and never a problem on my Nuvi 1450,
    But just upgraded to a Nuvi 2699 and keep getting a error when reading & writing to and from Garmin Favourites as the old address


    Has changed ?

    To - Drive:/internal Storage/GPX/Current.gpx

    is it possible to make a path box in the options page default to Drive:/Garmin/GPX/Current.gpx
    but changeable to any path should we need it.

    Turbo ccc if you need a screen shot of the alert just let me know

    Win 7 + Win 10 (tried on both machines)
    Extra POI Editor Version 5.97

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    That aside, if anyone needs a Simple Workaround read below.

    When you have finished your work just saved the file to a spare folder on the PC's hard drive and then manually copy it over to the - Drive:/internal Storage/GPX/
    folder on the Garmin device (works for Nuvi 2699)

    Hope it helps

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