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    This program allows you to view and modify the list of TTS and non-TTS voices supported by your GPS firmware.

    Why would you want to do this?

    You converted your GPS to use a firmware from another country (using RGN_Tool) and you suddenly have an "Incompatible audio version" when you select a new voice. Or, you may want to install a new VPM voice, but you get the "Incompatible audio version" message on the GPS. This error message appears because the new voice is not listed inside the firmware. RGNVoiceEditor allows you to replace one of the existing voice by a new one included in the list of supported voices.

    What if I do not see my new voice in the list?

    Just send me an email or post a message in this thread. I will add it in no time.

    Screen Shots:
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    1- Open your .rgn firmware file (for .gcd, use RGN_Tool to convert it to .rgn)
    2- Replace the voice on the left by a new voice in the right column. Use the scroll bar to view all the voices.
    3- Save the changes to a new .rgn file.
    4- Flash the modified firmware.

    Official disclaimers:

    Do this at your own risks!
    Do not flash any FW if you are getting weird errors


    Wiki page and Download link:

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    Re: RGNVoiceEditor

    I did try yours to enable sound on Japanese firmware 360 on 1480. It doesn't work at all. I can select the sound english jim as I want, but nothing. Can you look at it? thx

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    Re: RGNVoiceEditor


    The voice English Jim is not in the list for RGNVoiceEditor. I am not sure how you enabled it. I am also not familiar with that voice. Please send me an email with a link to that file so I can have a look at it. My email is:

    turboccc at hotmail dot com

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