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Thread: Full guide to use the nuvi as a en external GPS receiver

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    Full guide to use the nuvi as a en external GPS receiver

    Hi all, found this on GpsPasSion Forums, it was written by an user andrevm. Thought it would be interesting to you too
    It should work with any nuvi, you can get the GPSGate of the piratebay, Garmin Mobile PC from this forum.
    Also with this setup you should be able to use the nuvi in other GPS apps, like OpenCPN or Microsoft's Street & Trips...

    Hi guys!
    After much research in this forum and Laptop GPS World I got a way to make Mobile PC recognize the Nuvi 760. I return to let my experience that can help someone one day.
    First, as Danhan said, I found out that Nuvi series do not support real-time navigation, because it does not send NMEA signal. That's where software GPSGate enters. It's function is to emulate a serial connection from the USB connection (not only USB, but bluetooth and other types), while making the conversion of the Garmin signal to NMEA protocol. So, with the GPSGate, it becomes possible to use real-time navigation software in Trackmaker, nRoute, Mobile PC and Google Earth. Explained why not have worked until now, here goes the step by step to configure the Nuvi 760 (and other models in the Nuvi series tb, I believe) with Mobile PC:

    1 - Download the software GPSGate GpsGate Client - Products - The version is "trial" and functions as a test for 14 days.
    2 - Install GPSGate
    3 - Download the Garmin Mobile PC 5.00.60: Garmin: Garmin Mobile PC Updates & Downloads. This version is also "trial" and runs for 15 days.
    4 - Unpack the installation executable with WinRAR and run the file "MAIN.msi" to install the Mobile PC.

    Now comes another issue ... when you connect the Nuvi via USB normally, it is recognized by Windows as a storage device (like USB Drive). For the GPSGate recognize the Nuvi, you must connect it to the PC as a GPS and not as a PenDrive. The next steps explain how to proceed:

    5 - Turn on the Nuvi without connecting the USB cable to the PC.
    6 - Enter diagnostic mode by pressing the icon of the battery for about 10 seconds.
    7 - As you enter the diagnostic screen, connect the USB cable and then exit the screen by pressing "Exit". Wait for the installation of the driver by Windows (the first time takes a while).

    There, the Nuvi is connected to the GPS mode. Now let's create a virtual COM port that emulates a serial connection.

    8 - Open GPSGate and follow the setup wizard as follows:

    Full guide to use the nuvi as a en external GPS receiver-gpsgate1.jpg
    Full guide to use the nuvi as a en external GPS receiver-gpsgate2.jpg
    Full guide to use the nuvi as a en external GPS receiver-gpsgate3.jpg

    This is the GPSGate up and running:

    Full guide to use the nuvi as a en external GPS receiver-gpsgate4.jpg

    Now let's set the Garmin Mobile PC to connect to the Nuvi:

    9 - Open the Garmin Mobile PC and choose "Start a free trial.
    10 - Probably in the main window you can already see the icon of the GPS signal strength. This indicates that he recognized his Nuvi and is ready to navigate.

    Full guide to use the nuvi as a en external GPS receiver-mobilepc1.jpg

    11 - If it does not work, click the "Settings", then "System" and then "Remote GPS". You will get a list of serial connections (virtual COM ports created in GPSGate). Just pick and click "Enable".

    That's right people ... I did a few times in different computers and everything went well. I hope it will work to everyone! Please share your experience!

    Thank you all and hope to have helped.

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    Re: Full guide to use the nuvi as a en external GPS receiver

    Will this work with Nuvi2595LM please?


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