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Thread: BaseCamp for Windows

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    Re: BaseCamp for Windows


    What does this patched version compared to the original one?

    Best regards,

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    Can't update the patched base camp. Do I delete and install the new one ?

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    Re: BaseCamp for Windows

    BaseCamp for Windows
    version 4.0.1
    released date: 30 August 2012

    Download (52.70 MB)

    BaseCamp patched - [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Mirror 4] [Mirror 5] [Mirror 6] [Mirror 7] [Mirror 8] [Mirror 9] [Mirror 10] [Mirror 11]

    Changes made from version 3.3.3 to 4.0.1:
    • Added Garmin Adventures, including; authoring, publishing, online search, downloading, playback, and transfer to supporting devices.
    • Added arrival, departure, and layover times for route via-points.
    • Added a context menu on the map for the hand and selection tools.
    • Added support for waypoint creation date, which will not be changed when updating the waypoint.
    • Added a list in the waypoint properties dialog to display which routes a waypoint is used in.
    • Added ability to collapse folder groups (like 'My Collection' or 'Devices').
    • Added support for temperature and pressure in track statistics and graphs.
    • Added support to delete waypoints that are included in a route.
    • Added Basestation mode for compatible Astro, Rhino, and Alpha devices.
    • Added more columns to the data view for Waypoints, Garmin Custom Maps, GeoCaches and Photos.
    • Added support to enter position using alternate grid/datum on the 'Recenter Map To' dialog.
    • Added option to save original track when filtering it.
    • Added display of the 'placed on' date for GeoCaches.
    • Added intersection search when using the 'and' or '&' keywords.
    • Added ability to bulk-edit more fields for waypoints.
    • Added ability to create waypoint from find results on the map.
    • Added ability to transfer subscription-based BirdsEye imagery that contain failed downloads.
    • Added ability to toggle the visibility of all toolbars.
    • Added display of postal code in address search results.
    • Added a read-only 'Unlisted Data' list that contains all items that are in no other lists.
    • Added ability to create a route from a named trail.
    • Added ability to import into folders and lists (and not always import into My Collection).
    • Added header for the folder data list.
    • Added ability to duplicate geotagged photos.
    • Added link the BaseCamp license agreement in help menu.
    • Added ability to undo/redo on supported devices.
    • Added ability to drag and drop folders from the file system to BaseCamp (when supported data is present).
    • Added ability to accept Google Maps coordinate format when centering map at position.
    • Added new dog icons.
    • Added waypoint creation date to the waypoint properties dialog.
    • Added option to encourage the user to recalculate a route when the map that the route was created with isn't found on the device.
    • Added prompt when duplicating a route if BaseCamp should also duplicate the waypoints used in the route.
    • Added zooming via Alt/+ Alt/- keys. This is a coarse zoom which zooms in or out a number of zoom levels.
    • Added toolbar and menu for simpler device transfer options.
    • Improved display when many photos are at the same spot on the map.
    • Improved XML processing (so it should now be possible to import and export larger gpx files than previously).
    • Improved the measurement tool's display of measurement information.
    • Improved behavior when importing data into an already selected list or folder.
    • Improved behavior when double-clicking on a list. BaseCamp will now zoom to the data contained in that list.
    • Improved default file name for backup. The default name now contains the current date.
    • Improved the validation of map coordinates in the Recenter dialog.
    • Changed the simple route dialog to transition into the route properties so the route can be edited further.
    • Changed icon for gas stations with convenience stores to be the gas station icon, not the shopping cart.
    • Clarified the find options (Center of view, Center of selected items). Added hint text to make usage more clear.
    • Cleaned up toolbar, hide tools that are used less often by default, always show waypoint, route & track tools.
    • Cleaned up route options, made it easier to create custom route settings.
    • Fixed the long find toolbar initialization delay after starting BaseCamp or switching to a new map.
    • Fixed an issue where a device's SD card would not always be recognized by BaseCamp.
    • Fixed numerous issues with finding addresses.
    • Fixed an issue where the toolbar would not display the same way after restarting BaseCamp.
    • Fixed an issue where the find toolbar would always be displayed after restarting BaseCamp, even though the user chose to hide it.
    • Fixed area calculation for tracks.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not rename an item from lower case to upper case (like renaming 'washington' to 'Washington').
    • Fixed issue where the Geocache symbol was not consistent with found status when importing or adding a geocache.
    • Fixed an issue where the preferences dialog would not remember the last sub-selection.
    • Fixed an issue with remembering the data filters when switching between app modes.
    • Fixed an issue where turning off the display of points would leave a lot of 'shopping cart' POIs on the map for certain map products.
    • Fixed an issue where the selection was lost when left-clicking on the map with the hand tool.
    • Fixed issues with route/track creation and joining.
    • Fixed issues with deleting data on devices.
    • Fixed issues with creating routes from tracks.
    • Fixed issue when BirsdEye selection box was dragged too far North.
    • Fixed issue with displaying custom maps on devices.
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    Re: BaseCamp for Windows

    BaseCamp for Windows
    version 4.0.2
    released date: 2 October 2012

    Download (52.41 MB)

    BaseCamp patched - [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3] [Mirror 4] [Mirror 5] [Mirror 6] [Mirror 7] [Mirror 8] [Mirror 9] [Mirror 10] [Mirror 11]

    Changes made from version 4.0.1 to 4.0.2:
    • Added smoothing of speed and heart rate graphs.
    • Improved Track Join inside of an Adventure
    • Change to not show the 'Filter Results' option in the find results if there are no results to filter.
    • Fixed layout not being remembered properly between application runs.
    • Fixed an issue with some card products not being recognized. Unfortunately this requires re-indexing all card products.
    • Fixed layout being different after exiting from Adventure playback.
    • Fixed an issue with the 'References' tab page not being properly updated when changing selection.
    • Fixed an issue with route shaping point info being lost when erasing points from a route.
    • Fixed an issue with track color being changed when tracks are filtered.
    • Fixed an issue with not updating the summary in the route dialog when points are unselected.
    • Fixed some issues with login and re-login for MyGarmin services
    • Fixed doing an undo while drawing a route ending the route. Now only the last via point is removed.
    • Fixed an issue when importing photos with invalid time EXIF data.
    • Fixed text messages from Basestation devices being repeatedly notified
    • Fixed an issue with route join
    • Fixed an issue with the route divide tool
    • Fixed an issue with duplicating routes
    • Fixed an issue with adding waypoints into routes in an Adventure
    • Fixed an issue with line breaks being repeatedly added to GPX files
    • Fixed an issue with click & drag on the map hiding properties dialog
    • Fixed an issue with importing KML or KMZ files that had downloadable content.
    • Fixed an issue with creating a waypoint via the map context menu when a list folder is selected
    • Fixed an issue where the waypoint ordering was not updated when changing the main track in an Adventure
    • Fixed an issue when clicking on the 'X' to remove a tag from the References tab page.
    • Fixed an issue when changing map detail level before putting focus into the map views.
    • Fixed an issue where the creation date of a photo waypoint didn't match the creation date of the photo's EXIF data
    • Fixed an issue with waypoints sometimes not being shown on the map.
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    Re: BaseCamp for Windows

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    Re: BaseCamp for Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed_slv View Post
    issues resolved with October 2, 2012 released

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    Re: BaseCamp for Windows

    BaseCamp for Windows
    version 4.0.4
    released date: 30 October 2012

    Download (52.50 MB)

    BaceCamp Patched - Mirrors: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

    Changes made from version 4.0.2 to 4.0.4:
    • Fixed some issues with publishing adventures.
    • Fixed an issue with remembering the layout of the data and map panels.
    • Fixed an issue with remembering the positioning of the toolbars.
    • Fixed some layout issues in Windows XP.
    • Fixed ordering of photos during adventure playback.
    • Fixed various stability issues with route properties.
    • Fixed issues with the route and track join.
    • Fixed some device and adventure transfer issues.
    • Fixed issue with gdb and kml import.
    • Fixed issues with adventure playback.
    • Fixed an issue with exporting waypoints with dog icons.
    • Fixed an issue where orphaned route via point would remain on the map in certain cases.
    • Fixed an issue where geotagged photos were not being cleaned up after deletion.
    • Fixed an issue with the notes tab where links where not being stored properly.
    • Fixed various other stability issues.
    • Improved speed for displaying the properties of an adventure for the first time.
    • Improved transition when entering/leaving adventure playback mode.
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    Re: BaseCamp for Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by bjjfc View Post
    link updated
    Is this link for the updated "Patched" v 4.0.4 ?

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    Re: BaseCamp for Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by timp4411 View Post
    Is this link for the updated "Patched" v 4.0.4 ?
    patch for 4.0.4 as in Post #1

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    Angry Basecamp Waypoints

    I have a lot of *.gdb files on my computer from the Mapsource program. Importing them all into Basecamp was a breeze. So they are now separate files under my collections with the same file name that I imported in with.

    One problem. Looking at the waypoints in the separate files, I noticed that some of the me changed. I tried to change them back but they said that they already existed. WTF.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in the program.

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