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Thread: GMapTool - latest v0.7.158 (20.5.2012)

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    Re: gpstool - problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by lamper View Post
    gpstool - problem.
    I need a map max. 1.3 gigabytes on an SD card. With this program, divided (CNE2013.10) to about 400 img + any files. Then I select the files that states need a re-united (join). When you turn on Garmin unit can not find any states. The map is O.K. - Can be displayed. When you enter the address of favourities search route. Why not find any States? Where I make mistakes?
    My English is: =)
    help someone?The instructions for the program I have found nothing.
    I don't believe you can do a split and re-join successfully using the gmap tool as you are trying to do. For on thing, searches will not work in the gps (as you have seen). If you want a custom map size you can...

    1. Find one or more unlocked IMG files on this forum for the areas you want and copy them to the "Map" folder (IF YOUR GPS IS A NEW MODEL 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx which support multiple maps on SD). Otherwise....

    2. Find one or more smaller unlocled IMG files on this forum you want and if you have an OLDER Model GPS which supports only one map file on SD named "gmpasupp.img", you CAN use the GmapTool to "join" those smaller unlocked IMG files into a single gmapsupp.img and it will work. OR....

    3. You can down load and install Mapsource and the full mapsource version of the European maps and then you can create create your own custom unlocked mapsets of any size and geographical area you would like. OR...

    4. The simplest and cheapest solution in the long run is to get a 4gig SD card and just put the entire unlocked European IMG on the card. That way you have room to grow.

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    Re: gpstool - problem.

    Thank You to catymag

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    New version GMapTool v0.7.158 - 20.5.2012
    (Windows + Linux)

    20.5.2012 - v0.7.158
    popup info in gmt
    small corrections
    linux compilation
    corrected replace TYP file

    More infos:
    Audio, GPS i inne
    or Pliki/Download: GMapTool, Nutrak


    GMapTool v0.7.158 Windows Setup

    GMapTool Mirrorcreator mirrors
    Download mirrors for GmapToolSetup070158.exe - Mirrorcreator - Upload files to multiple hosts

    Linux version >
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    Re: gpstool - problem.


    Can anyone tell me how I write a new header name (not mapsetname) in img-file with GMapTool ?

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    This program will make me crazy
    I hope the one here have a solution to my problem
    Thank you

    123654654 - YouTube

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    Re: GMapTool

    A quick look at your video without studying it too much:

    1 - You make it all a little bit complicated. I never need to use MapSetToolKit. Just use the install.bat file created by GMapTool in your new mapset folder.

    2 - Garmin Mapsource will not display any drop down map list if you only have ONE mapset installed.
    Use View > Switch To Product > (your new mapset) instead.

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    Re: GMapTool

    What is the solution to this problem

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    Re: GMapTool

    I presume you have solved your last problem???

    Rather than us all spoon feeding with you with an answer for each problem perhaps a search of this forum on how to unlock maps might just help.

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    Re: GMapTool

    Hello, I'd just like to say thank you very much for the program. I've managed to import my "img" into Garmin's Mapsource without any problems, while the other, more popular program could not do so. So, thanks a lot!

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