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Thread: GMapTool v0.8.159b - 15.9.2013

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    GMapTool v0.8.159b - 15.9.2013

    GMapTool v0.8.159b - 15.9.2013

    GMapTool - program for splitting and merging maps in Garmin format.

    Main functions of GMapTool:
    • Merging maps in img format.
    • Splitting files in img format into mapset, maps, subfiles of maps.
    • Installation of mapset for use with programs Mapsource, BaseCamp, HomePort.
    • Editing of map properties - map type, priority, transparency, name, creations date.
    • Map modifications - changing of labels case, removing national characters, replacing TYP files.
    • Map corrections - changing of map and mapset ID.

    Windows version works with multiple languages.

    Command line version gmt.exe can be used inside scripts for map processing.

    Windows Setup
    Version 0.8.159b supporting Windows GUI. Setup include command line version gmt.exe.
    Download (Windows)

    Linux version
    Command line version of GMapTool for Linux. Gmt executable was statically linked under Linux Mint 11.
    Download (Linux)

    OS X version
    Experimental command line version of GMapTool for Mac OS X.
    Download (Mac OS X)

    17.8.2013 - v0.8.159
    • corrected TRE analysis and display
    • warning when TYP file is not replaced
    • 4-th parameter TRE in gmt
    • completed gmt help output

    Translations changelog:
    • 15.09.2013 Greek translation updated by Santosan from My Garmin Sat Nav (v0.8.159b)
    • 27.08.2013 Slovenian translation updated by lolypop000
    • 27.08.2013 Swedish translation updated by kenta2 from Noeman GSM
    • 18.08.2013 Russian translation updated by Cnfhbr from 4PDA (v0.8.159a)
    • 17.08.2013 Italian, French and Spanish translations updated by catymag from Noeman GSM
    • 04.08.2013 Albanian translation by Korabi
    • 21.07.2012 Greek translation by Santosan from My Garmin Sat Nav

    [ More Info ]
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    Re: GMapTool v0.8.159 - 17.8.2013

    FYI: NIS considers this file unsafe and removed it.

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    Re: GMapTool v0.8.159 - 17.8.2013


    False positive.

    Then you would not have the chance to read this from within the program:
    "GMapTool and gmt are compressed with UPX. This is GPL program with source code avaliable at UPX: the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables - Homepage. Unfortunately many virus scanners are unable to scan compressed exe and give warning when detecting compression."
    "If your scanner gives viruses warning, download UPX and decompres GMapTool.exe and gmt.exe. Then check again."

    VIRUS TOTAL scan results here:
    I use the program daily without any issues.

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