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Thread: Visualize and manage your Garmin tracks with Breadcrumbs

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    Visualize and manage your Garmin tracks with Breadcrumbs

    Breadcrumbs is a free cutting edge GPS track management application that allows you to visualize (in 3D), organize, edit and share your GPS data and associated photos/videos. Breadcrumbs takes your average desktop GPS management application to the web. It offers native support for your Garmin device so you can just plug your Garmin in and upload straight off it.

    The key features of Breadcrumbs include:

    • Relive your adventure: Breadcrumbs brings together photos, videos and GPS tracks in one quick and easy process and our 3D playback function brings the track alive.
    • Edit and manage: Breadcrumbs comes with a suite of tools which let users edit and manage their GPS tracks, photos and videos. These include:
      • Automated geotagging of photos.
      • Track editing tool to correct GPS points.
      • Add information to your adventure to help tell the story, such as show where you ate your lunch or spotted some wildlife.
    • Organize: Breadcrumbs offers simple tools to help users manage their adventures.
    • Share: Breadcrumbs makes it easy to share adventures, with options including a public page for each track and direct integration with Facebook.

    Here is an example track one of our users uploaded.

    Check it out.


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