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    Credits to all GPSU uploaders and contributors

    Speed and Redlight Cameras

    World Speedcams May 2011
    World Speedcams February 2011
    World Speedcams January 2011
    World Speedcams October 2010
    World Speedcams September 2010
    World speedcameras updated September
    World speedcams uppdated July
    World Speedcams Updated (June)
    World Speedcams
    Cyclops Safety Cameras - Australia Update
    Australia safety Camera POI released 27/07/10
    Speed and Red Light Cameras Australia POI
    Redlight Cameras for Australia
    Australia Speed, Redlight and Safety cams, Hospitals and Train Stations
    China Speed Camera GPI World - Weekly Updates
    Garmin Cyclops™ Safety Cameras - EU, AU, NA, ZA, RU, ME
    Zoned European Speedcams and Redlights POI
    Speedcams - Split, Croatia
    Speedcams (Croatia-Slovenia-and-Bosnia-and-Herzegovina)
    Greek SpeedCams & Dangerous Points With Afroditi's Voice (Monthly Updated)
    Speedcams Hungary
    Lebanon speed cams
    Speedcams Romania
    Taiwan Speed Cameras and Tunnel 2012.10
    Safety Cameras for Turkey
    Red Light Cameras USA Feb 26 2011
    Red Light Cameras USA June, 2010
    Cyclops Safety Cameras - USA & Canada Update
    Garmin Speed Camera DataBase ( - Latest updates

    Camps and Caravans

    Camps 6 POI (GPX Format)
    Camps 5 POI (GPX Format)
    POI's camps Europe
    POI's of Camps and Caravan Parks in Australia
    Camps Australia Wide 5th Edition POI

    Other POIs

    Adria Guide Cities (Croatia)
    Australia Speed, Redlight and Safety cams, Hospitals and Train Stations
    Cycle route around Balaton Lake, Hungary (+ others)
    Costa Rica Navsat V5.08 Poi
    GPS Hiking and Biking GPX files
    POI's for India
    Travel Guide: Croatia (AdriaGUIDE)
    Travel Guide: Croatia (Thematic Guides)
    Michelin Green Guide
    Michelin Restaurant & Hotel Guide
    Travel Guide: NewYork
    Travel Guide: Singapore and Malaysia
    Travel Itinerary: Singapore and Malaysia
    Free Singapore/Malaysia Garmin Custom POIs
    PDI Distributors GPL + Metano, Italy, Switzerland & Austria
    South Africa 2010.2 Tourist POI's (FIFA Soccer World Cup + more)
    Sweden Roadtoll
    Petrol stations (UK)
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