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Thread: Use Mapsource and GMAP anywhere (portable)

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    Use Mapsource and GMAP anywhere (portable)

    use Mapsource and GMAP anywhere (portable)

    You can use Mapsource and gmap folders easy from anywhere
    1. just copy mapsource.exe (and maybe your language file mapsourceXXX.dll) to eg. your USB drive [x]:\Mapsource
    2. make directory [x]:\Mapsource\Maps
    3. copy all GMAP folder to this Maps directory and run [x]:\Mapsource\mapsource.exe

    ( You can use any directory just make Maps folder to same directory with mapsource.exe )

    this way you not need copy all your maps to %APPDATA%

    That trick not works with old mapsource 6.16.3 works fine
    Usefull eg. with mini laptops with tiny harddisk

    MapInstall and basecamp (basecamp need some dll files also) works fine also same way

    attached only .exe...
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    Re: Use Mapsource and GMAP anywhere (portable)

    This is another neat trick that I found out by mistake.
    If you copy your whole Garmin to a USB key fat 32 (not a portable hard drive).
    You can fool Basecamp and Mapsource and Mapinstall think that your garmin is connected to the computer.

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    Re: Use Mapsource and GMAP anywhere (portable)


    I have tried this and I can open mapsource via my USB on another computer. But I can not see any maps in mapsource. Can you tell me what I have to copy in the map Maps? I only see img files in my Garmin folder

    Thank you

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    Re: Use Mapsource and GMAP anywhere (portable)


    I can't use my maps, nevertheless, all gmap folders are copied in maps folder in the same directory of Mapsource and Basecamp, the same for Basecamp. I check what the install software does during the installation, he write some parameters in
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Garmin\Map source\FamiliesNT]. Without this parameters, it is impossible to see some maps in MapSource or Basecamp.
    If somebody has any idea, I am interested.

    Garmin 550T
    TomTom PPC

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