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Thread: How to install img file on garmin propietary memory card (276c,278,478..)

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    How to install img file on garmin propietary memory card (276c,278,478..)

    Someone might be interested:
    Hello World

    since we know how to update maps on 278,478.. and how to install maps as img file on internal memory WITHOUT of MapSource (Basecamp),
    there was only one big thing missing:
    how the hell to install img file directly on Garmin propietary memory card,
    without having maps installed in MS.
    The problem was killing me for long years.

    And here I proudly represent you my answer:
    -put map as img file(gmapsupp) in folder "test" on local disk "C" (not! in folder "garmin")
    you need "WebUpdater.exe" in folder "Garmin" on "C"
    -connect Garmin 278 (276c,478...)WITH memory card to PC
    -run DOS box with command:

    c:\Garmin\WebUpdater\WebUpdater.exe /upload_file rgn=10 path=c:\test\gmapsupp.img -autorun usb /i

    Voila' the map will be installed on the "weird" memory card!
    Yes the rgn=10 is the magic code number for the Garmin propietary card!
    (don't ask me how I found it )
    I think those GPSs are still the best for off road and now we have the powerful tool to make them even more "user friendly"
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