I've just updated my Nuvi 755 Map IMG to North America 2016 and placed it in the root directory successfully, but was hoping to update the POI and other info. I found a 2014 City Navigator ADDITIONS that has JCV files, 3D Buildings, etc and would like to incorporate them in to my device.

I've been unable to find if this would cause conflicts due to the date of files difference (2016 vs 2014) and I see where these JCV file is on my 755 (there is only one!) and the "Additions" See Below..... amongst others.. all JCV's..

Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2014.20 Additions

CNNANT2014.20 3D Buildings Unlocked.rar
D3060110A.JCV Fullscreen Hi-Res.rar
D1279190A.JCV Fullscreen LowRes.rar
D3153110A.JCV Lite for 13xx-14xx.rar
D3836060A.JCV Splitscreen.rar
D3192100A.JCV Hi-Res for 2xxx-3xxx.rar
D2329140A.G2S for 37xx.rar
D3397090A.DB for 34xx-25xx.rar
D3406090A.SID -traffic trends v3- for 34xx-25xx.rar

Any info on accomplishing this update (Do they all go in the JCV Folder for example?) would be appreciated!