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Thread: Uniden GNS8350

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    Not sure I'm afraid. tts works for me using the modified config files I included. You could always try a new install of IGO8. Mortscript will redirect to the igo8 folder.

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    I'm about to try this on a GSN8361 (New Zealand market model) - will post how i get on -

    Uniden Au/NZ seem to have stopped any support, and don't care about their customers

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    i downloaded the file dmitsch posted and copied it across to a blank memory card
    but when i press the nav button nothing happens and nothing opens
    the nav option then just grays out and i cant repress it

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    Hi all

    Have been trying to download attachment from post #4 but just defaults to a blank page. Can someone re-post the attachment?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    Quote Originally Posted by dmitsch View Post
    Here's a copy of my SD card. It should work out of the box but needs maps, voices etc.

    It also has a mortscript file that will redirect mobilenavigator.exe to the igo8.exe file on the sd card.
    Hi Mate is it possible to upload this attachmanet again please.



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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    Hi i hope i'm the right thread
    Well i need help pleasssse i have a uniden trax 5000 it was working fine until the other day when i turn it on it comes up with please insert sd card i have tried everything even restored the sd card and still nothing if anyone know's an answer that would be GREAT thnaks

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    To help those still trying to make the Uniden unit run, here's how it all works.

    When the unit fires up and goes to load the gps software, it runs /storage card/mobilenavigator/mobilenavigator.exe

    I've used mortscript to create an alternate mobilenavigator.exe as a script that runs igo8.exe in the default igo8 directory. Attached is a zipped copy of a /storage card/mobilenavigator/ directory that contains mortscript.

    A new version of mortscript can be dowloaded at Mortscript (Pocket PC) - Download if you want to play with it. Basically, I've renamed script.exe to mobilenavigator.exe. It then runs the script contained in mobilenavigator.mscr which can be edited with notepad to run any exe file in any location on the card. A guide to mortscript can be found at http://www.**************/forums/sho...rtscript-Guide

    My script is Run ( "\storage card\igo8\igo8.exe" )

    Owners may then install whatever software version they want to run.


    PS. Ive recently tried Primo but it doesnt appear to run on CE 4.2 so looks like igo8 is the end of the line for the gns8350.

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    All matters in life having a specific importance so be a best role and never deny any thing
    value according to morale aspects.

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    Hey Guys,

    I own a GNS8350 Also and the SD card failed and I'm looking to try get iGo8 into it as you guys say. Some of the links in this post are dead, And the only links I can find inside the forum for iGo8 are all dead.

    I'm brand spanking new to this, but I think I understand how it all works. Could someone please upload a working SD card of iGo8 again since the previous are dead, Or a link to iGo8 itself.

    However, I don't have a SD card with the old maps due to that card failing. So im not entirely sure where to start as DTree doesn't seem to want to run.

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    Re: Uniden GNS8350

    hi guys i have primo 2 working on uniden gns 8350. found on another site called navi + total. search for user called bazzle, i used his version and added my maps etc and all works fine. good luck.
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