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Thread: export route history

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    export route history


    is it possible to export my route history from gps unit(garmin) to computer to see all my movement and places where i have been

    thank you

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    Re: export route history

    Use Garmin MapSource or Garmin BaseCamp or Google Earth. Google Earth is more fun.
    1. Download and install Google Earth on your computer. Be sure Google Earth supports imports from your GPS, or determine that the software that came with your GPS is able to export to the GPX format.
    2. With Google Earth installed and activated, you are ready to import and play with data. If you have a supported Garmin or Magellan GPS, you may import routes directly into Google Earth. Connect your GPS to your PC with its USB cable. Click "tools" in the Google Earth top toolbar, then "GPS" and then select your import options.
    3. If you can't do a direct import, check the instructions that came with your GPS software on how to save data as a GPX (.gpx) file, which can be imported into Google Earth Plus also. My GPS saves the tracks in a .gpx file in Garmin\GPX\CURRENT and the archived tracks in Garmin\GPX\ARCHIVE you can in Google Earth choose File-Open select type of file GPS then find the .gpx file you want from your garmin and open it. it will show up in Google Earth.
    Once you have opened your route and waypoints in Google Earth, you can zoom in or out, view the route as an overlay on amazing satellite photos, show other features (or not) including roads and 3D buildings, and best of all, rotate the image for a side-on 3D view.

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