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Thread: Quick WinCE Desktop

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    Re: Quick WinCE Desktop


    Download the attached file and unzip the inside file... keep it on your MMC card root .. insert the MMC card in Wince GPS and just restart the GPS..

    You will get Wince Desktop. file here



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    Re: Quick WinCE Desktop

    does not work with my WinCE6 gps too

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    Re: Quick WinCE Desktop

    Hi all, I have an Eonon Double Din G2227 and G2226 and these Garmin maps on both units force a fault and pushes you to wince desktop, give it a go, I cant see it doing any damage. There is a video on Eonon G2227 GPS exploit / hack - YouTube
    GM CE5 6_SDMMC_ unlock.rar

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    Re: Quick WinCE Desktop

    FYI, the Garmin file above ended up working on my Eonon G2227, so no Explorer. However, if you edit Garmin.mscr and comment everything after " CE
    Run("\Windows\explorer.exe")", you'll end up in Explorer. G2227 is Chinese all the way, so it's sorta useless unless, you know how to read Chinese of course. Easier solution would be to use any file manager. Somebody already mentioned Total Commander, but others (PNADesktop...etc) work equally well. Rename it to what you GPS expects (mobilenavigator.exe, drive.exe, navigon.exe...etc). Eonon list all executables in the SD card so it is really simple and convenient.

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    Re: Quick WinCE Desktop

    I`m new in this forum, but not new in GPS systems.
    I have a problem with my Prestigio GEOVISION 4700 with WinMobile CE 6.0. I have been using iGO Primo about one year with no problems. Now I have this problem Problem appears, when GPS signal is recieved. I think, that is not a iGO problem (tried a lot of other versions) but WinMobile problem. Have anyone had this before? What solution should it be? Thanx

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