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"I know your probably sick of hearing of my successes with 64mb GPSes, but here's something else that may be of importance. This really didn't occur to me until now, because when I was using IGO8 with skins, I always had better performance without skins. By better performance, I mean less "out of memory" errors. I got plenty of "out of memory" errors with these 64mb GPSes when running IGO8, but during that time I never used the Gurjon skin. I used mostly Dimka and one more obscure skin, whose name I can't remember at the moment.

From the first day that I started using Primo, I have always used a GJ-AK skin. What if that is where the stability is coming from? As I've mentioned before, I have 3 64mb devices, and I've done Georgia to California simulations(~2400 miles) on all devices, with never a "out of memory" error. On one device, the Insignia NS-Nav02, I did a simulation from Key West Florida, to Fairbanks Alaska, and back to Key West without any kind of failure. That last simulation was approaching 10,000 miles. If your interested in trying the GJ-AK skin, on the off chance that it may be the solution to your "out of memory" problems, I've been using gj_ak_v3.10.0 mostly, but I've used several previous versions, and they all seem rock solid.

All of those simulations were done with all features enabled, including 3D and Nuance TTS voices. I'm starting to think that this is the solution, because, GJ-AK never uses the 2D airplane view, and that view when at serious altitude, uses gobs of memory, and is constantly switching between section maps. The relatively low angle view that the GJ-AK skin uses has way less map features to display. I think you should give it a try.

I think the trick to avoiding the "out of memory" errors, may simply be to avoid using the 2D aerial view. The GJ-AK skin never uses this view, unless it's manually selected."