I am having trouble with my Navman S50 with a sd card loading Primo.

So far what i have done is Copied the Media and MioAutoRun folders and their contents from the Miopocket package to the root of the SD card.

Created another folder on the SD card and rename it S50,

Copied MortScript.exe (didn`t rename)
MioAutoRun.exe ---> renamed to Auto.exe
MioAutoRun.mscr ---> renamed to Auto.mscr

Turned the satnav off and unplugged the USB cable, turned it back on and waited for MioPocket 4 to load, then went into the sd root and copied all the Primo files and folders.

And form here i am having trouble with the iGO8.lnk or maybe Primo.lnk.

Has anyone else got a Navman S50 they can help me please ?