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Thread: My experience with the new iGO primo 2.0

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    Red face My experience with the new iGO primo 2.0

    Just took the chance of upgrading map files, I downloaded and installed the new iGO primo 2.0 from this site.
    This is the final result after 3 hours trying use.
    1. I reinstalled my previous iGO8.3 - it runs much much better/faster than the primo, with only a 2G SD card compared to the later used a 4G SDHC.
    2. The new interface is quite different from the old one, or to say, not as legible as the old one.
    3. with the new system, 9 of 10 times, it were not able to close the program by either the botton on the screen or the power on/off of the mechine. I had to use a pin to reset the device.
    4. The new system request TOO MUCH MORE memory - even with a 4G card, it would not be enough for navigation ETC.
    5. They both can use the newer 2011 Q2 US-Canada maps and POIs.
    6. For I've been very familiar with the old system and been with it quite well, I don't think any necessary to upgrade the system.
    ---- You may need a much POWERFUL machine to run the NEW iGO PRIMO 2.0.

    As to now, I only feel the new system is better on ONE - will not need to select COUNTRY as the old silly does.

    Prefer to share more indepth experience from friends.
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    Re: My experience with the new iGO primo 2.0

    I agree that igo8 seems a little faster to load up, but once loaded they seem to be about the same in terms of response time. You have to remember Primo has a lot more features and therefore will need more memory and also take more time to load on older devices. I feel the opposite as you, where I like the interface for Primo much better than that of igo8. To me igo8 seems kinda of dated looking when using the default skin. I think Primo looks cleaner, especially on the map screen.

    The biggest downfall of primo is really just based on people with older devices. If I had a device with intenet access, a TMC receiver, more memory, etc. Then Primo would be excellent. Unfortunately older PNA devices are really starting to show their age and will eventually not even be able to run such software. Thankfully new versions of igo8 still pop out every now and again. If I were picking between igo8 and Primo for say my iphone or android phone, well then Primo would be the way to go. Unfortunately my broke butt can't afford a new phone :-(
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