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Thread: Need some help, Zenic 2010 + IGO

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    Need some help, Zenic 2010 + IGO

    Hi all,

    I have some time member of this great forum, so far has not needed help for my navigation systems.
    Now I have been a month or 2 a Zenic 2010 purchased containing the IGO navigation. WINCE 5.0
    I am now so far that I have IGO able to adapt and to reduce the wisssen of unused countries.

    I see that the IGO software is July 9 2010
    I have currently 3 countries in the folder, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, 2011.06
    No idea what kind of map it is, it ends in. FBL

    Now I want to upgrade to the latest stable version of IGO, but what should I take, or just the PRIMO IGO version?

    And, what folders do I go for that look?
    Most links I tried to download, do not work!

    I've just uploaded the main folders, maybe it easier for you to figure out, what I need, or would have to adapt ....

    Thanks for your effort and time!

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    Re: Need some help, Zenic 2010 + IGO

    I've done the same thing on a Pearl Navgear that was 3 years old. Primo 2.0 works great. Just copy the contents folder of your old igo to the new one (unless you download a version with new maps too).

    Its very hard keeping download links alive. I eventually got mine from a Torrent. Just be careful.

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