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Thread: Igo Primo2 keeps crashing

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    Igo Primo2 keeps crashing


    I installed Primo2 on my Caska Chinese Double Din Unit and all looked to be working, but I find I have the same problem as previous versions, I can be driving and it just stops. No particular place or any pattern.

    Today for instance on my journey it stopped four times going once coming back. If I eject sd card and put back everything works again.

    The little grey square appears but I am unable to read what it says. No crash file is produced.

    Anyone have any idea what I might do to narrow down or eliminate the problem. Its driving me mad!

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    Re: Igo Primo2 keeps crashing

    Should be corrupted files due to sdcard error.
    Reformat & copy the files again.
    Replace sdcard if necessary.

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    Re: Igo Primo2 keeps crashing

    I had the same errors long time ago. In my case 3d buildings caused those random crashes..When I added these line(s) into sys, no more random crashes:


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    Re: Igo Primo2 keeps crashing

    Quote Originally Posted by Airion View Post
    Should be corrupted files due to sdcard error.
    Reformat & copy the files again.
    Replace sdcard if necessary.
    Thanks for quick reply, I have formatted the card, also tried new sd card, replaced software with different version, updated maps, the only things not updated are dem file, poi file etc. as I don't have latest.

    So I will try removing them and see what happens,

    Here is a copy of my crash.txt

    ------------------ Crash Log Begin -------------------

    Current System time: "2012-11-05 12:17:44"
    Build version:
    Build configuration: Product--ARCHFAM
    OS version: 5.0

    Uptime: 42472 h 17 m 30 sec 0 msec

    Memory Stats:

    FreeMemory: 1 MB, 924 KB, 0 B
    TotalUseableMemory: 26 MB, 476 KB, 0 B
    MaxMemory: 129 MB, 0 KB, 0 B
    ReservedMemory: 0 MB, 0 KB, 0 B
    LastRequestSize: 1 MB, 72 KB, 70 B
    ActualCacheSize: 2 MB, 40 KB, 27 B
    GarbageSize: 0 MB, 0 KB, 0 B

    WinCE CallStack snapshot (function names unknown - map file \MMC_Storage\primo2\ not found):

    0x0a012054 (A)
    0x0a01162c (A)
    0x0a0117dc (A)
    0x0a593584 (A)
    0x0a593b40 (A)
    0x0a594ac4 (A)
    0x0a5ab530 (A)
    0x0a5aba44 (A)
    0x0a588830 (A)
    0x0a5aaac8 (A)
    0x0a5a96c0 (A)
    0x0a5a82e4 (A)
    0x0a5a6db0 (A)
    0x0a06acdc (A)
    0x0a05b4d4 (A)
    0x0a0662f0 (A)
    0x0a05c828 (A)
    0x0a05f078 (A)
    0x0a05e8dc (A)
    0x0a05e2f8 (A)
    0x0a05eb64 (A)
    0x0a05f294 (A)
    0x0a05f5d8 (A)
    0x0a7d94a0 (A)
    0x0a7cfe9c (A)
    0x0a7867b8 (A)
    0x0a7997e4 (A)
    0x0a659224 (A)
    0x0a647c3c (A)
    0x0a6522ec (A)
    0x0a651d3c (A)
    0x0a6524f4 (A)
    0x0a652334 (A)
    0x03f87184 (A)
    0x0801eb94 (A)
    0x0801fc34 (A)
    0x0801b894 (A)
    0x08043e48 (A)
    0x08043eac (A)
    0x03f82fcc (A)
    0x0a6525a8 (A)
    0x0a652334 (A)
    0x03f87184 (A)
    0x0801eb94 (A)
    0x0801fc34 (A)
    0x0801b894 (A)
    0x080441b0 (A)
    0x08017760 (A)
    0x0801b84c (A)
    0x08043a54 (A)
    0x08043c18 (A)
    0x0803ab0c (A)
    0x0806c984 (A)
    0x08040218 (A)
    0x03fa1240 (A)
    0x0a01f610 (A)
    0x0a59356c (A)
    0x0a593b40 (A)
    0x0a594ac4 (A)
    0x0a053ea8 (A)
    0x0a6c3c50 (A)
    0x0a6c3e74 (A)
    0x0a6c3f00 (A)
    0x0a6c49dc (A)
    0x0a6c46dc (A)
    0x0a6c71d8 (A)
    0x0a6c6cf4 (A)
    0x0a6c7b58 (A)
    0x0a6c2c60 (A)
    0x0a6ce448 (A)
    0x0a6d18fc (A)
    0x0a6d3bc4 (A)
    0x0a6fd408 (A)
    0x0a83b3d0 (A)
    0x0a83c55c (A)
    0x0a83bb60 (A)
    0x0a4ce54c (A)
    0x0a5c8b68 (A)
    0x0a5c7ab8 (A)
    0x0a5c7624 (A)
    0x0a5c9d80 (A)
    0x0a5cacf4 (A)
    0x0a65022c (A)
    0x0a650440 (A)
    0x0a04ce68 (A)
    0x03f8de04 (A)

    Error message:

    Out of memory.
    Requested: 1122374
    Cache: 2138139

    Global status:

    bInFocus: 1
    bMouseDown: 0
    bInLogic: 1
    bInRender: 1
    CurrentState[128]: st_EasyNav
    GPS Pos: (-2.249495,53.555653)
    Camera: pos-2.247386,53.557292) rot:2424 persp:7327 zoom:90.000000 eng=2)

    State queue:

    0. st_MainMenu
    1. st_EasyNav


    0. roadpos-1.782118,53.643248) realpos-1.781847,53.643210) Name:xxxxx Street, Huddersfield
    1. roadpos-2.498290,53.427025) realpos-2.498290,53.427018) Name:xxxxx Close Warrington

    Route Parameters:

    Vehicle type: Car
    Planning method: Fastest
    User pref. mask: 0x2E42
    Correctness: 100
    User u-turn penalty: 3000


    map\UnitedKingdom.fbl ver:0x02ea time:0x5017dc22 cid:7406656
    map\UnitedKingdom.fbl ver:0x02ea time:0x5017dc22 cid:7414848
    map\UnitedKingdom.fbl ver:0x02ea time:0x5017dc22 cid:7423040
    map\UnitedKingdom.fbl ver:0x02ea time:0x5017dc22 cid:7431232
    map\UnitedKingdom.fbl ver:0x02ea time:0x5017dc23 cid:7439424
    map\UnitedKingdom.fbl ver:0x02ea time:0x5017dc23 cid:7447616
    map\Greece_83_TA_2010.12_110210.fbl ver:0x02e1 time:0x4d53eb47 cid:8929840
    map\Greece_83_TA_2010.12_110210.fbl ver:0x02e1 time:0x4d53eb47 cid:8962608
    map\Greece_83_TA_2010.12_110210.fbl ver:0x02e1 time:0x4d53eb47 cid:8970800

    HNR files:

    --------------------- LUA stack ----------------------

    Lua stack[ 0] :
    Lua stack[ 1] :
    Lua stack[ 2] :
    Lua stack[ 3] :
    Lua stack[ 4] :
    Lua stack[ 5] :
    Lua stack[ 6] :
    Lua stack[ 7] :
    Lua stack[ 8] :
    Lua stack[ 9] :
    Lua stack[10] :
    Lua stack[11] :
    Lua stack[12] :
    Lua stack[13] :
    Lua stack[14] :

    ------------------- Crash Log End --------------------
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    Lightbulb Re: Igo Primo2 keeps crashing


    any problem in the structure of the package (navigator)
    causes this error report (usually map not found).
    i suggest you look for another package (navigator) better structured
    or undo the last change you perhaps have made.

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