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Thread: How set IGO Primo for bus-coach?

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    Question How set IGO Primo for bus-coach?

    Please i need help.

    i have IGO Primo with truck files. But i need it for bus navigation.
    When i set vehicle to bus and add lenght, height....., igo use restriction for trucks. i can go to town center with bus, but igo navigates around and show restriction on map.
    I need only use height information from truck files. its posible to do it?

    Thank you

    sry for my english.

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    Re: How set IGO Primo for bus-coach?

    Are you using truck maps or normal maps.
    Navigational height of object indicated in truck maps not normal roads maps.
    Truck version is needed
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    Re: How set IGO Primo for bus-coach?

    In my opinion it's not the application, but the inaccurate map data itself (.ftr). Bus and truck navigation is still far behind and isn't so reliable as is for the car..

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    Re: How set IGO Primo for bus-coach?

    I find solution:

    in sys.txt:

    allow_special = 1

    now its take only height from .ftr

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