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Thread: Navman S30 iGO Primo2 autorun and program memory problems

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    Navman S30 iGO Primo2 autorun and program memory problems

    Hi im trying to put iGO Maps a Navman S30 I have 224MB internal memory to work with.I have installed windows CE and I have made a Autorun button in start menu to run Primo2 which is on a sd card called storage card, and I can run Primo2 no problem and it find satellite no problem. I tried to put full Europe on sd card but i had to reduce it cause i was getting not enough memory to run program so when i reduced it all is fine. Ok here is my problems when i reboot a few times (not all the time) i keep getting program memory low so i go to start/setting/system/system properties/memory and i adjust the sliding bar to 192MB as 160 is in use and iGO runs great but the level keeps changing to 512MB and hence i keep getting not enough program memory space. How do i stop this from changing it driving me crazy.

    And one more problem i want to auto run igo on bootup with out selecting start and Autorun i just want it to boot straight in, is this possible i have followed the instructions below and i still cant do it, im new to this. any help please and keep it simple Thanks in advance

    How do i get a shortcut on the desktop?
    Open notepad on your PC and type...
    "\My Flash Disk\Primo2\Primo2.exe" Which is the path to the executable on your device within quotes
    Count all the characters 34 in the above example
    Arrange the text like this...
    34#"\My Flash Disk\Primo2\Primo2.exe"
    Save the file as...
    iGO Primo.lnk That's LiNK not INK
    Make sure it's iGO Primo.lnk and not iGO Primo.lnk.txt
    Your PC will hide .lnk so you'll just have an icon called iGO Primo
    If Primo is installed on a SD card then substitute Storage Card for My Flash Disk.
    Copy this file to the...
    Program Files\Unlock\Desktop folder to have it on your desktop OR Program Files\Unlock\Programs to have it in the Start menu.
    Sometimes the Desktop and Programs folders are in the drive root!

    PS: i don't have a folder called unlock what i have is : program files/navman (where i assume the unlock folder should be ?) etc.

    How can i get iGO to start automatically?
    Make a shortcut as explained in How do i get a shortcut on the desktop?
    Rename iGO Primo.lnk to Autorun.lnk and copy it to the Unlock folder and iGO Primo will autostart when the device is rebooted, When you exit iGO Primo the desktop appears.
    NOTE: Because iGO Primo takes a few moments to open a window, The desktop application may open the taskbar which remains in view, You can minimize the taskbar by tapping the Windows icon.

    Not happening for me i don't know where im going wrong?
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