Apologies if this is in the wrong place...

Just got a RAC 1100 branded gogo 902, 480x272 touchscreen device running WinCE 5.0 embedded. This ships with the functional but basic Route 66, but it's not that hard to get iGO 8 on it.

basic steps:
connect the device to the computer using activesync and tell it not to make a partnership.
Find device.ini file in the residentflash directory (or it might have been in root or windows), copy it to computer
edit the device.ini and find the line that says
change the 1 to 0 - this will let you exit Route 66.
restart the device, find the exit on the map screen and exit route66.
Using activesync as above, delete the route66 software from ResidentFlash
Using a SD card and card reader, assemble a PNA version of iGO 8 on the SD card, in a directory called "iGO8"
Edit sys.txt on the card, the following lines need to be like this:

vga=0; (0,1)

Create a file called shell.ini and put in it the line
Copy this file to ResidentFlash.
Insert the newly created iGO8 SD card into the device and power up, it should now load from the SD card.

Note, a cut-down version of iGO 8 with only 1 map and minimal extras would probably fit on the ResidentFlash in the device, without using an SD card. To do that you would want to alter the path in that shell.ini file above.

You can also put the windows shell address in shell.ini (IIRC this is \windows\explorer.exe) and that will make the machine load the WinCE desktop. You can then run iGO8 by clicking the program icon. If you want to do that, then in sys.txt you need to change show_exit to 1, so that you have an exit from iGO8 back to windows.