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Thread: igo primo 2 setup

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    igo primo 2 setup

    anyone help me on this
    i am using igo my way on my incar win6ce system and it works ok but was wanting to upgrade to primo2, i downloaded the software on a different sdcard when starting it up it showed the welcome screen graphics then a bluish empty screen with the text loading map but nothing is happening after that, some file missing perhaps?, the size of primo 2 is 4.4gigs all europe included

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    Re: igo primo 2 setup

    i am using igo my way on my incar

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    Re: igo primo 2 setup

    use this one ,

    and follow the instructions,it will work,use his maps and voices ect as well.
    I also have a single din in car system running WinCE6 with 128mb memory 800x400HD touch screen and it seems ok so far.
    I had problems at first but then I formatted my SD card and ran windows scandisk on it and it found and fixed problems on
    the SD card.
    After loading primo2.0 back on the SDcard it worked,so maybe if you scan the SDcard it will fix any problems on it.
    My SD card was brand new by the way.

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