I've been battling with this for a while now and it's driving me mad.

I'm running IGO8 (Nav n Go on a MIO C510.

It runs perfectly and I'm very happy with it apart from one thing... House Numbers.

I'm finding that my job often takes me to sites such as industrial parks that have a postcode but not necessarily a house number.

If you try to navigate to any of these it's impossible to put the route in as you are always asked for a house number. You do not get a suggested range either if there really are no numbers on the "street". Is there a workaround for this or is there a later version that doesn't suffer from the problem?

A classic example is: I was asked to go to Epsom Downs Racecourse (UK, for overseas visitors here).

The postcode of which is: KT18 5LQ.

If you put this code in the nav displays Epsom Downs as the district correctly, then it asks for a house number. The trouble is that the Racecourse doesn't have a number so you can't enter one. If you enter a blank entry the program crashes out with an "out of memory" error. Same happens if you try and put a fictitous entry in.

So how on earth can you navigate to an address like this?

If there is a later version that deals with the problem by locating just the postcode "road" then that would be ok.

Anyone come across this? Is there a fix?

Please let me know if you know how to sort this.