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Thread: Skin Primo Sbertaud13 v4.3 EUR+ 320x240

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    Skin Primo Sbertaud13 v4.3 EUR+ 320x240

    Skin Primo Sbertaud13 v4.3 EUR+ 320x240

    Dated - 27/06/2011

    - Improved sb_reset_save.mscr script (Menu "Reset the file save") in the utility folder and the two versions 4.2 and 4.3 Mortscript
    Erasing file '*. prl' in the '/ save / preload /' instead of the file '/ save /'
    Backup file 'poi_visibilities.txt' and delete the other files '*. txt'
    Backup file 'roadblocks.sav' in addition to the file 'history.sav'

    - Added an option in the menu Alerts to replace the duplicate ads for a "ding" with the ability to toggle this mode by holding down on the DA

    - Added the announcement of the destination information (Sayette) after a calculation or re-routing (option in the menu 'Advanced TTS').

    - Ability to set the parameters of each radar even without voice or TTS wav.
    The menu settings proximity alerts is available as soon as the box 'warning radar is selected
    In the case of a choice with voice alert wav: individual settings - standard fare
    In the case of an election without warning wav voice: individual settings - redacted menu items related to the voice
    In the case of an election alert with voice TTS: individual settings - TTS usual menu, the items related parameters are grayed wav.

    - Fixed bug setting day & time of departure. The time is displayed starting at 12:00

    Update the lang file, folder, utility and TTS voices.
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