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Thread: Sony nav-u92tc running IGO Primo - But!!!

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    Sony nav-u92tc running IGO Primo - But!!!

    This is really strange, I have managed quite easily to get IGO primo running on the above device. At first it would not initialise due no maps, but I found that by pressing the screen and holding finger on it it went into wince mode. I created an empty file and set the folder permissions to allow hidden folders to be seen, allowing renaming of the original sony to sony and the new sony file to any. This allowed connection using ActiveSync. I managed to install a map of Austria to test it with as I did not have a map of UK, renamed the files and removed it from ActiveSync - Bingo!! it initialised, spotted the map and acquired satellites and works a treat.

    Now here is the issue - I can not access the pna with ActiveSync as it does not recognise it. Easy to just change the files names on the pna and re-connect, so I thought. However, because IGO auto starts it does not allow enough time to access wince folders. I also tried switching of and accessing and no joy as it shuts down to fast. Now I have a map of of UK, I wish to load it but can't using a PC, I have tried both XP and windows 7 based machines and both recognise it USB Human Interface Device, and Generic USB Hub.

    So, does anyone know how to stop or halt the IGO software? Will a pro duo card with maps load to the pna Content map file? Will miopocket work as it seems to be a useful little tool.

    So quite laughably, I have a nice Sony NV-U92TC with IGO Primo running maps of Austria on it - not much good in UK!!

    Any clues or advice would be welcome, as I thought getting running would be the hard part.

    Thanks very much

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    Re: Sony nav-u92tc running IGO Primo - But!!!

    Well, I now I have it fully functioning with UK maps. I must thank all the posters that have posted info, and data to enable me to re-program my Sony, which actually is a good PNA, just has rubbish customer support from Sony. It is only right I add to the posts some of the problems I have encountered, and got around.

    There is a Poster 'Zeppelin' maybe on this Forum - I can't remember, who posted a thread with the details that worked with my device, it involved renaming the whole original sony file and not the executables within it, it took about 12 clicks of the mouse and bingo, it was done. However, to improve on his procedure, here goes.

    1. IGO Primo will not initialise without maps, and you will need to load these into the content map file before moving to the pna. But if you forget this, seeing as you have re-named the sony file, Activesync will not recognise you device. Get around - whilst plugged to the USB cable, I noticed that the screen was not changing, press on the touch screen with finger and hold it there - now you can enter the WinCE Mounted Volume folders, select options within the drop down menus and de-select hide folders etc and the sony and the original sony but now renamed to what you called it will be visible - swap the names and reset, re-connect and ActiveSync will now see the device.

    2. Once IGO Primo has initialised, you can not access the folders as it will not be seen on Activesync due to it being a computer!. Get around - I was experimenting with a micro SD card in a Pro Duo adaptor and this froze the start up enabling access to folders, switch names as above and connect to Activesync and load folders with files etc. Why it did this I don't know.

    3. If at anytime you find the device keeps attempting to start and and stops and starts again let it do this until it comes onto the reset screen, it is now stable and when connected to Activesync it will be recognises enabling you to make guest connection to work folders. Do not attempt to change the pna display as it will stay on the same screen but allows updates to folders.

    4. Have yet to try loading maps from the micro SD card and adaptor, but I will play and find out. I might even try and install Miopocket,

    5. When you back up your folders via Activesync, make sure that you do not include the map files as it takes to long and Activesync connection will drop.

    6. The Explore function of Activesync will only show the details of the folders, ensure that your computers folder and file options are as wide as possible and set to show hidden files / folders, file extensions, system folders and you will understand what files, folders etc posters are on about when renaming them.

    I run an XP SP3 based machine, ActiveSync ( use guest connection when possible ) Sony Nav-u92TC pna, which was going to be surplus to requirements as it had no map support or camera alert updates, but is now the device it should have been originally, as the build quality is good.

    Hope this helps.
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