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Thread: Help needed to built branded POI icons for USA & Canada

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    Exclamation Help needed to built branded POI icons for USA & Canada

    Hello Gents,

    It's my first post in this forum and hopefully I'll be lucky.

    I'm surprised that this question has not been asked before but I'll take a chance. I found out that IGO does not provide branded icons for Canada in their RICH POI package and I would like to like to built it myself, if this is possible.

    The goal is to be able to show up the branded icons on the map and also into the PIO search menu. To help, I have downloaded the utility UPOI Editor where I can create a strip of icons in BMP and also a file in SPR. The files are created for each resolution available. For now, I just want to show the icons without adding new POI's, I just want to work with the POI from the map data.

    The things I'm not sure about are, should I drop these files into or or both? What should I write into the poi_visibility file and also the POI.icons file? Should I edit also the file poi_visiblity into the SAVE folder?

    I'm not sure about what file structure that Primo is looking for to make it happen.

    Any help would be appreciated, I spent few days looking on the net for definitive answers and I'm out of luck.

    Of course when the work is completed, I will share with you the files.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Re: Help needed to built branded POI icons for USA & Canada


    Come on chaps PLEASE someone must have an idea


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    Re: Help needed to built branded POI icons for USA & Canada

    Same here would love POI icons for the UK, will make my own if someone will post the instructions.

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    Re: Help needed to built branded POI icons for USA & Canada

    This is hard to explain but is what i have found out so far.

    I will use McDonalds as an example
    I could not make an icons file that would work. so i copied the poi.icons file and changed the name to poi_restaurant.icons and it worked. Deleted everything in it and started from there. You still need the poi.icons file so make sure to just make a copy of it. For some reason just making a txt file and changing is name to poi_restaurant.icons would not work. (it looks at all icons files so the name does not matter)

    here is the format

    poi_brand_Fast_Food.spr 4
    poi_brand_Fast_Food.spr 4
    poi_group.spr 31
    poi_brand_Fast_Food_DS.spr 4

    first line is the name of the restaurant (or other poi point). The beginning part came from the poi.icons file (Restaurant.Fast_Food) then added .McDonald_s to it. Must use _ instead of spaces.

    Second line points to the poi_mapdistant.bmp file. The "$" in front of it means it is in the "common" folder in the file. With out the "$" it will look in the resolution folder that's being used (480_272, 800_600 ...)

    Third and fourth lines points to the icon to use to display on the map and popups for exits. I forget which one is which. It points to the spr file for the bmp you want to use for the icon. I did not use the "$" ($poi_brand_Fast_Food.spr) so it will look for the file in the resolution folder not the common folder. The "4" points to the icon you want to use in the poi_brand_Fast_Food.bmp file. It starts at the number 0 so number 4 is the fifth one down.

    The fifth line points to the poi_group.spr and i found it listed as 31 in the poi.icons file

    Sixth line is optional. its for nite view icons if you create different icons for day and night themes.

    Put the icons files into the icons folder and spr and bmp files in the resolution folder and commons folder. Depending on if you used the $ or not.

    Hope this helps some.
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