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Thread: Editing .poi files in Primo 2.0

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    Editing .poi files in Primo 2.0

    Hi all...I'm a newbie so be gentle!

    I have a version of igo primo 2.0 (Q3 2011) with Australian maps & POI's. I've read through many threads in regards to adding icons to POI as my version is missing some icons (I get blue bubbles). I can find kml files but when I go into the POI directory I have only one file, (Australia.poi) I cant edit it with wordpad or notepad. Can I add extra POI's in the kml format? or is there a way to edit the file so I can add icons to POI?

    Thanks in advance guys..

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    Re: Editing .poi files in Primo 2.0

    if you want to add your own POIs, you can save the kml files to 'content\userdata\poi' in the primo folder. igo will convert them and treat them as userpois. as to adding icons, i'd like to know how to do that as well.

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    Re: Editing .poi files in Primo 2.0

    Read this details (from another forum), it might help .

    all credit to carlosjuan

    How to build branded POI Icons for Primo!

    1. Prerequisites:

    • 128Megs main memory, adding branded POI Icons add a heavy load onto the memory and I don’t see how a 64Meg device can handle that.
    • Launch Primo, go to Settings\Visual Guidance\Facility types, and choose the four categories of POI’s you want to see on the screen. I.E. gaz station, restaurant… etc…
    • Quit Primo.
    • Locate and from a working version of Primo.
    • Locate into the SAVE folder the poi_visibilities.txt file copy and paste it on your desktop.
    • Rename your poi_visibilites.txt of the source of working Primo SAVE directory into poi_visibilites_old.txt
    • Copy and paste on your desktop the file. Do not decompress the file.
    • Copy and paste on your desktop the file. Do not decompress the file.
    • Rename your BRANDING.ZIP of the source of working Primo to BRANDING_OLD.ZIP
    • Download the UPOI Editor from here eyegps: UPOI Editor and decompress.
    It’s very important that you do not decompress the Primo files above. If you decompress the files and then compress them again ether by Windows or Winrar, Primo will not be able to open them. I presume that NNG use a special compression format.

    2. Brand icon files creation using UPOI program

    • Drag your icons into the “Icons” folder under the UPOI program folder. TIP: try to use only the icons of the same category, ie (restaurant, gas, hotel, etc…. If any changes later (add or remove) it will be easier for you. Also name you icons by brand.
    • Open UPOI Editor and select “Options” and select “Built icon Stripe / SPR”. Doing this, will create 2 files (BMP and SPR) into “COMMON”, “800_480” and “480_272” in the subdirectory of UI_IGOx.
    • Locate the two files within the directory of the screen resolution of your device (800 X 480 = 800_480). Rename those 2 files by the icon file category (ie Restaurant icons = Restaurant.bmp, Restaurant.spr, petrol_station.bmp, petrol_station.spr, etc…)

    NOTE: in my case, I have a device with an 800X480 resolution; I found the icons too big on the screen so I took the icons of the 480_272 directory instead.

    3. Creating file structure

    a. On your desktop, you’re going to create the following directories
    • Ui_igo9\icons
    • Ui_igo9\common
    • Ui_igo9\default
    • Ui_igo9\800_480 (your current resolution directory)

    b. Now, you’re going to fill those directories
    • Open the file
    • Copy and paste the directory ICONS\POI to ui_igo9\icons of desktop
    • Copy and paste the directory COMMON to ui_igo9\common of desktop
    • Copy and paste the file in DEFAULTS\POI_visibilities.txt and nq_ad_categories.txt to ui_igo9\defaults.
    • Copy and paste the following SPR & BMP files from the resolution directory you’re using (800_480) to ui_igo9\800_480 of desktop.
    • Poi_disabled
    • Poi_group
    • Poi_hwy
    • Poi_hwy_disabled
    • Poi_map_close

    c. Copy and paste the SPR/BMP category files you created with UPOI Editor ex: Restaurant.spr, Restaurant.bmp… etc…. into your resolution directory (800_480) in igo9\800_480 of desktop.

    4. Last steps; create the branded icons association with Primo.

    a. Copy and paste the file UI_IGO9\ICONS\poi.icons to your desktop and rename to poi_old.icons the source file in UI_IGO9\ICONS\
    b. Drag and Drop the whole UI_IGO9 directory you created above to the BRANDING.ZIP on your desktop. Doing this, Windows will compress the files automatically to the correct format that Primo wants to read
    c. Open with Notepad the file in UPOI_Editor\UI_IGOx\ICONS\UPOI_Editor.icons and make the following changes:

    • [Amir]
    • $poi_mapdistant.bmp
    • UPOI_Editor.spr 1

    • [A_W]
    • $poi_mapdistant.bmp
    • UPOI_Editor.spr 2

    • [Boston_Pizza]
    • $poi_mapdistant.bmp
    • UPOI_Editor.spr 3

    • [Amir]
    • $poi_mapdistant.bmp
    • Restaurant.spr 1
    • Restaurant.spr 1

    • [A_W]
    • $poi_mapdistant.bmp
    • Restaurant.spr 2
    • Restaurant.spr 2

    • [Boston_Pizza]
    • $poi_mapdistant.bmp
    • Restaurant.spr 3
    • Restaurant.spr 3

    d. Do the modification above for all the brands you have. Quick TIP, don’t hesitate to use find and replace tool in Notepad.
    e. Do this for all the brands categories, I.E Restaurant, petrol_station…
    f. IMPORTANT: POI.ICONS file makes the association between the SPR/BMP files and Primo. You need to use the same file name for the SPR/BMP files and the inside POI.ICONS text file. To help you to understand read below:
    • The brand name in brackets refers to the icon file name
    • “$”……..BMP read the file into the COMMON folder
    • The SPR file tells to Primo what file to read and tells where the position of the icon in the strip of icons is.
    g. Save the file and copy and paste its content into the POI.ICONS on your desktop.
    h. Copy and paste this file into the BRANDING.ZIP\UI_IGO9\ICONS\POI\. The file will be compressed
    • Now open the poi_visibilities.txt from you desktop and locate all the brands where you want to see the branded icons on the map screen. What you have now is similar to this:
    • Petrol_Station Esso||5000|500
    • Petrol_Station Shell||5000|500
    • Petrol_Station Fas Gas Plus||5000|500
    • Petrol_Station Racetrac||5000|500
    • Petrol_Station Petro-Canada||5000|500


    • Petrol_Station Esso|esso|5000|500
    • Petrol_Station Shell|shell|5000|500
    • Petrol_Station Fas Gas Plus||5000|500
    • Petrol_Station Racetrac||5000|500
    • Petrol_Station Petro-Canada|petro_canada|5000|500

    What you have to do is to insert between the || the name of the icon file you had into the POI.ICONS brackets ex: [Esso]-- |esso|.

    i. Do this for all the categories and icons you have. Don’t panic, some of your brands may not be there. These are built from the POI’s that came from your POI files from the CONTENT\POI directory.
    j. Once completed, copy this file into the SAVE directory mentioned above and also into the BRANDING.ZIP\UI_IGO9\DEFAULTS.

    5. Modify your SYS.txt file.

    a. To avoid low memory errors, I had to modify the SYS file as per the following:
    • max_memory=134217728 ; (128megs) ; (1meg=1048576)
    • reserve_memory=4194304 ; (4megs)
    • cache=2097152 ; (2megs)

    6. You’re done! Now you should see your favorite brand icons on the map screen! My favorites are Tim Horton and Starbucks!

    you can download the latest version of upoi editor from here

    Good luck
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    Re: Editing .poi files in Primo 2.0

    being a bit of a thicky would it be possible to post more simple and detailed instructions for this, I have tried a few times now and dont seem to get anywhere, thanks in advance

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    Re: Editing .poi files in Primo 2.0

    good guide furat52
    last year i made custom poi icons close to how you describe.
    the problem that i have is when i use newer maps and poi (TA 2010) it uses some of its own icons. The icons I made are round the ones that come with the maps and poi files are square.
    If I put the old map and poi (NQ 2009) back in then it only shows the icons that I made

    Is there a setting somewhere to use custom icons in the and not the ones that come with the poi files?

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