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Thread: How do I set up a POI

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    How do I set up a POI

    How do I set up a POI (which are taken from POIplaza) Black spots, dangerous crossings, traffic lights ...
    To be advertised as a warning not notice
    Is that even possible
    Thank you all in advance

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    Re: How do I set up a POI

    A mate sent me the information below, I haven't tried it with the speed camera's etc. but the first section on installing other poi files appears to work ok.

    Installing POI’s into iGO

    It's quite simple for all of your POI installations and below for speed camera install follow these easy steps;

    1. Turn off the write protection of the Memory Card if it is on.
    2. Connect the memory card or the navigation device to PC, then create the
    following path on the memory card: igo8/content/userdata/POI.
    3. Download, unzip and copy the downloaded .kml files into the POI
    destination folder. Or simply download the .kml file straight to the POI folder.
    4. Restart your navigation device.
    5. Run the navigation software and swich to Advanced mode. Choose the
    Manage POI icon.
    6. Choose downloaded POIs (kml file); then choose Edit and turn on the POI and
    set the distance of POI icon visibility. The default icon for the new POI is
    Google Earth's globe so you may want to change it to something else relevant.
    7. In the Navigation menu choose Find POI, and choose as Destination if you wish
    to check it.

    Note: some POIs might not be reachable on your map, if the map is not detailed enough.

    FOR SPEED CAMERA, follow these steps;

    Speedcam iGO8

    1. Download as speedcam the file to a folder on your PC.
    2. Copy the speedcam.txt file only (no need to convert) to the
    Storage card/igo8/content/speedcam.
    4. Restart iGO8, the file will automatically update the database.
    5. There will now be three files in the speedcam directory,
    speedcam.spdb, speedcam.txt and SpeedcamUpdates.spud.
    6. Allow the device to detect a GPS signal. When this is done the speedcam
    locations will be active.
    7. Check Settings/Warnings has Speed Camera Warning enabled.

    - Download KML files or convert any other POI file to KML
    - Save KML downloads to your PC
    - Copy all saved KML files to igo8/content/userdata/poi
    (Create userdata folder and poi folder under it if you can't find them on your unit.)

    iGO8 is slow to process new additions. It'll take some time if you add many new KML files. You will also be asked to associate POI icons with new files.

    Hope it helps

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    Re: How do I set up a POI

    Thank you very much for your response.
    Such has been set but it is only a notification where the POI and I want to appear to me as a warning.
    Thus only see icons on the screen I want a visual and audible warning, but it seems impossible. In addition to each section of the rewrite. But this is impossible because there are too many.
    Thank you anyway.

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