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Thread: how do i add custom poi to igo primo on my iphone

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    how do i add custom poi to igo primo on my iphone

    hi all

    that is some time I'm trying to add some personal poi to my iPhone igo primo
    the version of my igo is : , Dec 16 2011

    i try first to put .KML file in ... content\userdata\poi , but it won't work even when i change the permissions
    after this i try to put the .KML in several folders like \ preferences or \liberery\content and it didn't work ether

    try to edit some lines at SYS.TXT without success

    even try to edit User.Upoi inside the DATA.ZIP

    did some one can guide me how to add personal poi into igo primo on iphone
    i must say that on my WM device , (Mio C320 with primo 2.0) the procedure work like charm , all i done was to put .KML in userdata\poi on the SD and it work's

    please help


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    Re: how do i add custom poi to igo primo on my iphone

    I got the solution
    1. save your favorite poi with Google earth to a .kml file on desktop.
    2. convert the .kml file to .upoi file using the upoieditor (it freeware that can be found on the net)
    3. you have to save your .upoi file under the name user.upoi
    4. now this was the "hard to find" issue - the path to put it in the iPhone is ver/mobile/applications/XXXXX/documents/preference/profiles/01
    you can put poi in groups once you edit the .upoi file (it's only txt file at the end)
    the structure of this file goes XX (number) | group name | poi name || LET | LON || UTM |||||
    so if you import some .kml files to the upoieditor and save them as one .upoi file
    you will get groups of poi that will appear on the search in igo primo in separated folder names
    5. i got 3 .kml files (London.kml, Slovenia.kml and Israel.kml) compile them together into one user.upoi
    transfer it to the right folder on my iPhone and i got 3 separated folder of poi in my igo primo app (called London, Slovenia, an Israel)

    hope it fit's you

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    Re: how do i add custom poi to igo primo on my iphone

    Hi gillss
    unfortunately i couldn't get this to work on my iphone 4 with exact the same igo version runing as yours' ( , Dec 16 2011)

    As I'm under Mac i can't use poieditor because its for PC. I used GPS-Babel.
    The kml file is the file I used in my igo8 to creat custom pois. (which works very fine with subfolders an own icons)
    *** this file is very complex, I created a file with 1 poi with my text-editor. here is the contents of the "Test"user.upoi

    01|AireTest|AA TEST||43.77538|6.20736|||||||

    Could you verify if this upoi file would work? (upoi-file with only one line of contents, the exemple line 01)

    in which format do you save the upoi file when editing in an texteditor? UTF-8 or ASCII or something else?

    Did you insert something in the sys.txt? My sys.txt contains only one line refering to speedcams.

    your help would be greatly appriciated.


    Problem solved!
    When editing the user.upoi in a text-editor you must "save as" the file and use the "UNICODE" TEXT-FORMAT, not ANSI or UTF-8
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