Hi all,

I'm trying to create new icons package for Primo. I am aware that the branding.zip file must have a folder structre as its:-


and some also have resolution folder ui_igo9/480_234 or 480_272

It seems the files with need to be as follows

common folder requires the *.bmp and *.spr
poi folder requires *.icons

I've tried to make my own by having a simple single icon image of the shell logo in a file called poi_brand.bmp and placed this in common folder along with poi_brand.spr file. The spr file details determine the size like 32x32 or 30x30

Then created an icons files called poi.icons which seems to be the way of most branding.zip files. It's this file that instructs what *.bmp image to use as the icon on the menu selection. i.e Petrol Station as in my case or Car Dealer or Shop

Any ideas why this isn't working for me.