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Thread: Igo doesnt save the Options !

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    Igo doesnt save the Options !

    Hello out there,

    I got a Chinese Radio von Ebay with Windows CE 5.0 and such features.
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    The Radio got a Standart Version of Igo 8 installed with 06.10 Maps.
    The Navi itself runs fine, but my configuration somehow dont safe at Shutting Down. I downloaded a new Version of Igo8 and got new Maps from here and tried it once again.

    I get the Language Choosing Screen, my Voice Screen, then the EULA and im at the Menu.
    Shutting Down my Radio and tuning it back on, back to the Navi, he wants those Configuration again.
    Routes and Favourites dont safe either....

    Also I downloaded the IGO Primo 2 International Version and the IGO Primo 1.2 Version and tried to get that running. Both Versions at the Screen where I must choose my Desktop "Basic, Advanced" it gets a Blackscreen after choosing, and my Radio stuck.

    PS: I use a Micro SD Kingston 2 GB Card, because my Radio only reads .exe File from that.

    Someone know how to get that working?

    Also I would be happy if someone can give me a "working" Link with the newest IGO8 Version for WinCE 5.0 PNA's.
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