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Thread: iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition

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    iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition


    New Edition 20/4/2012 of Nuance TTS Pro Voices by Zervdim & ScorpioPirate

    Arabic TTS Pro V8 Voice Waleed (Too many thanks to furat52)

    Belgium TTS Pro V8 Voice Magda (Too many thanks to chatikib)

    Brazilian TTS Pro V8 Voice Nausicca (Too many thanks to galonet)

    Czech TTS Pro V8 Voice Faidra (Needs Translation to dictionary voice file only)

    Danish TTS Pro V8 Voice Ida (Too many thanks to ScorpioPirate)

    Netherland TTS Pro V8 Voice Kasandra, Odysseus (Too many thanks to chatikib)

    English TTS Pro V8 Voices Iasonas, Medea

    USA TTS Pro V8 Voices Ira, Paris, Penelope

    Finland TTS Pro V8 Voice Menelaos (Too many thanks to knoj)

    French TTS Pro V8 Voice Virginia

    Germany TTS Pro V8 Voices Calypso, Electra, Zeus (Too many thanks to Nico)

    Hungary TTS Pro V8 voice Ariadne (Need Translation only inside the dictionary voice file)

    Indonesian TTS Pro V8 Voice Iliada (Too many thanks to Batojatsu)

    Itlalian TTS Pro V8 Voice Hermes, Silvia

    Polish TTS Pro V8 Voice Areti (Too many thanks to Andrzei)

    Romania TTS Pro V8 Voice Ermioni (Too many thanks to Gabriel)

    Russian TTS Pro Voice Natassa (Needs translation inside the dictionary voice file)

    SloVak TTS Pro V8 Voice Artemis (Too many thanks to Newbie 414)

    Spanish TTS Pro V8 Voices Apollo, Dimitra (Needs translation inside the dictionary voice file)

    Sweeden TTS Pro V8 Voices Poseidon, Erasmia (Too many thanks to Knoj)

    Portuguese TTS Pro V8 Voice Rea

    Turkish TTS Pro V8 Voice Aysim

    And Special Thanks to others, they know who

    All Are in one single torrent-file, the size off the file are: 1.52GB

    Take what you want and delete the rest


    Please Remember To Seed Back To Keep Torrent Alive

    Have fun Guy's

    Zervdim & ScorpioPirate

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    Re: iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition

    Hi, I have iGO working with standard voices on my Samsung Tab 2 7" (android).
    I downloaded the Nuance TTS Pro Voices "English TTS Pro V8 Voices Iasonas, Medea" from this thread and followed the included installation instructions

    Copy the file tts_nua_v5 to this path : Primo/
    Copy the vautov5.dll file to this path : Primo/
    Copy the voices to this path : Primo/content/voice
    Copy the file to this path: Primo/content/lang
    copy the file United Kingdom_NQ_2011.Q3_111102 or you can add your file to this path: Primo/content/phoneme.

    Also in order to work the voice with Primo you should add this
    to your sys.txt (you can find sys.txt in this path: Primo/sys.txt)
    Open the sys.txt file with notepad and paste the following:


    Unfortunately I cannot get it to work!
    I can see the tts pro voices in the voice selection but they do not play - the standard voices still play ok!
    In Sounds and Warnings the TTS Pro Label is greyed out!

    Should Nuance tts pro voices work with iGO
    Do I have enable tts pro somewhere else in the menus?

    Any assitance would be appreciated!!

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    This are for windows ce.

    Sent from my GT-N7100

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    Re: iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition

    goodoane - Thanks for the info!

    Have you managed to get TTS working on your Note?

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    Yes with Ivona tts for my native language and for English with svox or other tts apk.

    Sent from my GT-N7100

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    Re: iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition

    Thanks - I will give it a try!!

    ScorpioPirate - maybe you should add a note at the start of the thread that Nuance is only for Windows CE!
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    Re: iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition

    lucky to have CE thank you !

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    Re: iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition

    The contents of both TTS versions (for Andriod and WinCE) are identical exept only one statement in the File info.ini:

    TTS-File Contents (left side for android, right side for WinCE):

    info.ini differences (left side for android, right side for WinCE):

    you can simply edit the line and put the right statement into it:


    and you can use TTS files for both systems

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    Re: iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition

    hello ScorpioPirate ,
    Do you want like not torrent please , thank

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    Re: iGO Primo TTS PRO NUANCE V8 Edition

    I have been using the English TTS Pro voices in the US with Q3 2012 maps. I thank ScorpioPirate and Zervdim for their hard work. However, all of the voices say strange things like:
    "drove" instead of "drive"
    "EB", "WB", "SB", "NB" instead of "East, West, South, or North Bound"
    "blvd" instead of "boulevard"
    "turn before the petrol station" instead of "turn before the gas station"
    "Turn right onto 20 Tee H street" instead of "Turn right onto twentieth street" or "Turn left onto 23 R D street" instead of "Turn left onto twenty-third street".
    I have successfully changed all these things, so I am posting English TTS Pro voices for USA with improved speech patterns acceptable in the USA. Here is the link:!5dsXDDDZ!bZcjeW...ABdIL2GZSQFJKc
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