PAPAGO! Taiwan M9
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PAPAGO! M9 addition to driving a video recorder functions, to provide for your journey double security, the new generation of engines (not supported iOS 3.X) even in the most important road junction turn left and the road speed limit, etc. information into the map, combined with national highway and highway cameras real-time information for your planning one of the most secure and most comfortable path. (M8 customer a free upgrade)

PS. IOS 4 new generation of engines will be used over the command, the phone is still iOS 3.X customers, to most of the customer, will no longer provide new functionality, please forgive me.

◎ the only
• support the country's land-map 3D
• 3D real landmarks
• Recorder
• TTS (Text-to-Speech) path name of broadcast guidelines
• real-time road house number display
• identify the three-dimensional flyovers

◎ Advanced Features
• ramp junction real immersive display
• National Highway toll station real immersive display
• Automatic tunnel driving simulator
• The maximum speed limit of road
• intersection left turn lanes information
• E-book Attractions

◎ product features and power
• Simple user-friendly interface design
• rapid path planning
• Built-in intelligent search input
• Support a variety of navigation modes: 2D/3D / split screen
• I-Fly-touch interface
• Support for four straight horizontal screen orientation automatically switches feature
• Navigation screen with the best speed automatic zoom view
• Day and night mode automatically switches
• Speed ​​camera warning tone alert icon
• Built-in 3D building models
• full and detailed map data
• The map data update service for free

◎ map data
• equipped with the latest data Tutu Song
• information on over 5 million pen numbers
• Attractions include more than 150,000 pen
• more than 8500 realistic Icons intersection (PRO version only support)
• more than 1,500 pen speed camera data
• more than 600 3D real landmark (PRO version only support)
• New road opening
• Map covers: Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu

What's new

1.iOS 5 Support update


PAPAGO! Taiwan M9.1.3.ipa

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