Have you seen the new Renault app for the iphone (io5) called e-renault. It's free and it's very user friendly while your driving and you can listen to your iphone music, make calls, and navigate. It comes with one month free trial Copilot Navigate. Its purpose it's to control the well known Oxygen car radio but you can use it without the O-Car radio. My question is, is it possible to edit the app so that it launches TomTom instead of Copilot or crack copilot live. The other question is the app can comunicate with the car apparently the car (Twingo) comes with a OBD-Bluetooth dongle that makes comunication between the iphone and the car and turns the iphone into a onboard computer so that you know when to change gear and some other stuff, is it possible to edit the app so thar it can comunicate with any OBD bluetooth Dongle?

The video with the app working is here CoPilot Live dans autoradio Renault Twingo 2 - YouTube
Iphone e-renault app-copilot-renault.jpgIphone e-renault app-copilot_live_renault_twingo_home.jpgIphone e-renault app-copilot_live_renault_twingo_map.jpg