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    There should be a Europa 2010 update for this device but do not know how and where to download it.

    Gr Harrie

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    Re: KW-NT1

    i like to know to

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    Re: KW-NT1

    no one, or has some a answer or a solution?

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    Re: KW-NT1

    Quote Originally Posted by harrieklomp View Post
    no one, or has some a answer or a solution?
    Hey Harry,

    Found an answer to your question real easy by going to the JVC site and following the links presented.

    Here is the update you are looking for:

    As you see TOMTOM is now (still) supporting your nav.... :-)

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    Re: KW-NT1

    Anyone own theNorth America Map Update for KW-NT1 - v.3 that they would be willing to share?

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