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Thread: DNX 9280 BT Voice Control fails with CN2012.20

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    DNX 9280 BT Voice Control fails with CN2012.20


    I've updated my Kenwood DNX 9280 BT as the following:
    1. mapsource installed, patched exe copied
    2. Maps installed from locked, unlocked with UnLock MapSource.exe v. 2.1
    3. then I have designed my maps for the unit (one with DACH-DK-SW-BENELUX 600 MB), (another with the Rest of maps 1,6 GB) Thanks to WIZ for this tip
    4. the 600 MB file I renamed to gmapprom.img, the 1,6 GB-file I renamed to gmapsupp.img
    5. made a backup of the full garmin-folder of the unit
    6. replaced the following files at the flash memory
    6.1 all asr- and srx-files in the folder \Garmin\ASR\
    6.2 replaced the old file in the folder \Garmin\JCV\ from D2891000A.JCV to D2504050A.JCV
    6.3 replaced the old file in the folder \Garmin\sqlite from 006D213000.db to D233000.db
    6.4 replaced the old files in the folder \Garmin to gmap3d.img and gmapprom.img from point 4.
    7. copied the gmapsupp.img to an sd-card in the folder \Garmin

    Result: My unit takes the new cards for navigation, also the JCV-file works fine (Simulation over a german highway-cross), but my voice control doesn't work . When I'm trying to input a adress via voice control, the unit says to me, that I have to take the touchscreen. When I take the great gmapsupp.img to SD-Card (2,23 GB) and JCV and sqlite-folder to sd-card, in the unit the backed up software with the old gmapprom.img, the voice control works fine. When I deactivate the gmapprom.img in the menu for the maps, voice control files.
    Please, can anyone tell me, he has updated the ASR-Folder with the asr- and srx-files and his voice control works with 2012.20 maps. Please contact me over pm. Have I to reset the unit after copying the new files with the red resetbutton?

    Thanks for answer and best regards from
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    Re: DNX 9280 BT Voice Control fails with CN2012.20

    Question. whether your device has a mini usb on the back? dnx9280? i have dnx5280, there is no mini USB for connection to computer

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