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Thread: Kenwood DNX 8120

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    Kenwood DNX 8120

    Can any one help me I trying to update Dnx 8120 to 2010 garmin usa.

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    Request does not make sense without information

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    Re: Kenwood DNX 8120

    I have a DNX 8220BT with a "hidden" SDCard slot, behind the display pannel.
    If you press the open display and hold it, the panel will open some more and the slot becomes available.

    I downloaded the CN Europe 2011.4 gmapsupp.img file from the Garmin maps section here on this forum.
    Then I copied it onto a 4Gb SD card, placed it in the DNX 8220 and now it uses this map by default.

    Perhaps this procedure will also work with your system.

    As an alternative, get mapsource and download any mapsource US map, an unlocked NT version.
    Read the Garmin maps section on this forum how-to.

    Use Mapsource to select the detail maps you want to put in your system.
    Use Mapsource to place it on the SD card, put the card in the Kenwood.

    Cheers, Bert
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    Re: Kenwood DNX 8120

    Greetings foobar141,
    I have a DNX 7220 and I have downloaded all the CN 2012.20 files (Both UNL and MAPSOURCE (to include the 5 part and 6 part files)) to update my Kenwood. I also have an 8gb SD card that I used to update all the software as described here on the forum and on the Garmin Site. DO I just add all the files onto the SD card and insert? Will it automatically know to look for the newer files? When I hooked up the USB port on the center back of the unit I was able to locate the gmapsupp.img file in the memory, but not the new map file here on the forum to replace the old file, is that an issue? I am planning to create a garming folder on the sd card and insert all the ne files and see if they are recognized. I am thinking it cannot be that simple...I hope I am wrong. Is there a way to combine all the files into one .img file?
    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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