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Thread: DNX6160: [NAV mute] functionality

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    DNX6160: [NAV mute] functionality


    in my DNX6160 in the Navigation SETUP screen if I select "Front L" the navigation prompt comes out of the front left speaker; if "Front R" the navigation prompt comes out of the front right speaker and if "Front All" the navigation prompt comes out of both front left and right speakers. So far so good.

    However in all three cases above the music in both front speakers always gets cuts off completely by the navigation prompts. [NAV mute] is OFF. Is this how it is supposed to work?

    I once owned a DNX6140 and if memory serves me right the navigation prompt did not cut out the music completely. Instead it would reduce the volume a bit for the duration of the navigation prompt and it did so only in one particular front speaker which was selected for delivering voice prompts during the navigation setup. I miss this feature a lot and find the behavior of my current DNX6160 rather annoying.

    The unit's firmware has been updated to the latest versions for both Kenwood and Garmin.

    Could somebody with a similar unit (DNX6960, DNX6160, DNX6020EX, DNX6460BT or DNX5160) confirm or deny that the music in both front speakers gets completely cut off when the navigation prompt comes in, regardless of whether the "Front L", "Front R" or "Front All" speakers have been selected in the navigation setup menu?
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