OK, Here goes .... Just spent all my pocket money on a Kenwood latest navi unit with Garmin nav .The standard vehicles supplied with the unit are fine but I have added some additional vehicles from garmin garage and a few other places , problem is all the extra vehicles I have loaded whether from Garmin Garage or other sources are just too small . They are obviously fine for the little 4" screens on the Garmin navi units but not really large enough for the big Kenwood screens .They are just swamped and you cant see them very well . I have noticed in the vehicles folder in the Garmin directory structure all the stock vehicles have "BIG_" in front of the file name so they were obviously made larger for larger screens . Anyone know how to enlarge the vehicles from Garmin garage or others ? I have just tried changing the file name with "BIG_" in front of it but it didnt make any difference at all . what a surprise ! There are so many cool vehicles out there and it would be great to enlarge then by about 30% so you can see them . Any genius out there managed to do this ?