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Thread: Mazda CX-9 US import & West europe DVD

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    Re: Mazda CX-9 US import & West europe DVD

    It's too bad that nobody seems to have a good sollution (exept buying a new radio).

    I would really like to know if any 2007-2008-2009 CX9 owner got Western Europe maps working and how?
    It would be great to have the Nav working again.


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    Re: Mazda CX-9 US import & West europe DVD


    I live in the Netherlands and I recently bought a CX-9 from 2007.
    This car was imported in 2007 from the USA.

    With the car I received 2 DVD's:
    A) One original type GP9A-66-DZ0 with US maps version 2006 and
    B) On DVD+R DL , type CC33-66-DZ0 partr nr 464210-8110 with EU maps Version 2006.
    This last one works fine in the Netherlands.

    I found out that the navigation systeem is type MB21 which apparently is an USA type.
    The firmware file (loading.kwi) on the EU maps is not suitable for this.

    The firmware level was 0900 but through this forum I found another loading.kwi suitable for an USA CX-9 (Thanks Juzis28)
    I replaced the loading.kwi on an European MAP dvd and without any problems the system was updated to version 1220.

    I tested the LR 7550 EU maps but they don't work.
    I get a disturbed screen (snow) and I'm not able to enter a destination.
    I also can't select another country.

    Luckily, my older DVD from Europe still works.

    My question is now: Does anybody know if the latest CC33-66-DZ0-G will work on an USA CX-9 from 2007?


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