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Thread: Mercedes S320 2004-2005

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    Mercedes S320 2004-2005

    Mercedes S320 2004-2005-ddd.jpgHello, What is the latest navigation I can use for this car ?
    Mercedes S320 year:2005 ? Can I use the new V13 ? I NEED MAPS for EUROPE/BULGARIA ?
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    Re: Mercedes S320 2004-2005

    Navigation DVD, COMAND APS, Europe, Version 2012/2013 green, NTG1
    Part number: A2118274265

    APP: FOR

    C219 (10/04-03/08)
    S211 (06/06-10/09)
    S211 (03/03-05/06)
    W211 (06/06-02/09)
    W211 (03/02-05/06)
    V240 (03/03- )
    W240 (10/02- )
    R171 (03/04-03/08)

    A new navigation DVD, designed to help your customers find their destination with the minimum of fuss, is now available. The new DVD for COMAND APS (NTG1) ensures that your customers' navigation system is up to the minute, with more countries and routes than ever before. The DVD is packed with navigation data for 34 European countries, with major and minor roads, towns, villages and plenty of points of interest. Version 2012/2013 covers the whole of Western Europe! The navigation data on the 2012/2013 version includes over 9.2 million kilometres of road throughout Europe. In Eastern Europe there is full coverage of the Baltic States, Greece, Croatia, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and now Bulgaria and Romania too. The update features around 91,909 towns and communities. Points of Interest (POI): over 1.8 million key points of interest are featured on the DVD, including Filling stations, Car parks, Museums, Restaurants and Hospitals. 101,945 Restaurants and 4,502 Hotels have been added to the new 2012/2013 version. The navigation system can also, if required, show the user the quickest route to 2,581 Mercedes‑Benz service outlets. Dynamic route guidance based on up-to-the-minute traffic data (TMC/RDS): using the data from the Traffic Message Channel, the navigation system takes into account the latest motorway traffic bulletins and automatically calculates diversions.


    Version 13.0 Unlike previous product, no longer compatible with the following model series: CL-Class: C215 (09/02-08/06) 10/03-08/06 (NTG1) S-Class: W220 (09/02-08/05) 10/03-08/05 (NTG1) V220 (09/02 - 08/05) 09/02-08/05 (NTG1) SL-Class: R230 (03/06-03/08) 03/06-03/08 (NTG1) R230 (10/01 - 02/06) 08/04-02/06 (NTG1) Please note: Changes to software mean that model series C215, W/V220 and R230 are no longer compatible with this DVD version!

    So the latest sw for W220 comand is v12: Mercedes Benz COMAND EUROPE NTG 1 V. 12 2011/2012
    Interesting though, it completely slipped my attention.
    Does anybody know wich SW people need to have for w220 comand >v12?
    You wanna do whát with that screwdriver?

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