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Thread: HELP: Mercedes-Benz w211 2004 NT1! Europe

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    HELP: Mercedes-Benz w211 2004 NT1! Europe

    i have problem with MB W211, it want start navigation with new DVD. Now it is version 3.0 and when I put version 10 and 11 nothing starts. It doesnt recognise dvd in reader.
    I burned on Verbatim DVD+r and DVD-R with Pionner burner.

    With that burner and same dvd I burned one more dvd 2 monts ago and it worked in another MB w211.

    So what should I do?

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    Re: HELP: Mercedes-Benz w211 2004 NT1! Europe

    You should make an upgrade for Navi Unit. It is necessary for maps Version 3 and earlier.

    Mercedes Software Service Update ECE/USA for Navigation Unit - 211 589 15 22 00

    For Models: 171, 211, 215, 219, 220, 230, 240 with code 527, 530

    This is NOT a map disc. This DVD is used to update the Navigation Processor.

    Unzip the archive and use the ISO file to create a DVD.

    How do you know if you need this update? Here is a description of the problem:

    After the new navigation DVD (map) is inserted, the COMAND display shows "NO DVD available, please insert navigation DVD.".

    Note: This problem occurs in the case of navigation processors with:

    - SW09/04 USA (2004.2) or older software
    - SW 07/04 ECE (3.0) or older software

    Update process:

    - Activate COMAND by switching on the ignition and then press the NAV button.
    - Eject the navigation DVD (map) from the navigation processor (trunk).
    - Insert the service DVD. The update starts automatically.
    - The update is completed after approx. 2 minutes. The COMAND unit will restart.
    - Remove the service DVD and insert the new navigation DVD (map) into the navigation processor. The map update starts automatically. Please wait until the COMAND unit restarts.
    - Switch off the ignition, remove the ignition key, lock the vehicle and wait until the instrument panel switched off (bus idle).
    - Activate COMAND by switching on the ignition and check the navigation functions.

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    Re: HELP: Mercedes-Benz w211 2004 NT1! Europe

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