Software version: Navigon_EU ver. 7.6.10

It is not recommended to do it this way (use software from memory card) there can be some problems, but I will explain this method, since I used this.

I had no luck to make power save work, so disable it from default settings.

This is my startup desktop -->

Since I mostly use my navigator as precise speedometer, I set it to fastboot to speedometer-program, instructions and video here --> Mio Moov Spirit v505 + Visual GPS + FAST Autostart speedometer - YouTube

Make sure you have VisualGPS installed, can be found here -->

Navigator is visible as removable device when connected to USB. No active sync needed (at least with Ubuntu).

Installation instructions:

1. Buy a copy of Previous navigon software. I allready had "NAVIGON 70 Easy"-navigator which had cracked screen, I just copied the contents of flash disk.

2. Copy folder /Navigon to storage card root (and all other files located at that directory where /NAVIGON is located, if any [not sure are these files needed])

3. (I am not sure is this step needed)
Start navigator, go to the "system" tab, and click the icon with folder and gear on it.
-Click navigon
-Search navigon.exe from "Storage Card/NAVIGON/navigon.exe"
-There is some other question, figure it out yourself
-Quit with X

4. Click Gear icon
-set faw 1 to navigon and faw2 to mio (or whatever you like the order to be)
-Quit with X

5. For some reason the software made me double icons under Navigon-icon in main desktop and said: "two or more programs found, choose one or wait 6 seconds to start default" (or something like that), so I had to change some settings. Go to the "system" and click USB-icon, AFTER that plug in the usb cord.

Find file /Visual/Visual.ini
there is setting something similar to this:
PATH=\Storage Card\NAVIGON\navigon.exe
PATH2=\Storage Card\NAVIGON\navigon.exe
set it to:
PATH=\Storage Card\NAVIGON\navigon.exe
And now you have only one icon --> no questions asked at startup.

6. Every time you reset your device all settings are lost, because they are located in your operating system at folder: /Mn Settings , and not in your "program folders". We are going to change that
Open file (from memorycard) /NAVIGON/settings/ApplicationSettingsPathes.xml
and change following:
    <UserSettings>/MN Settings</UserSettings>

    <UserData>/MN Settings</UserData>
to this:
    <UserSettings>/Storage Card/NAVIGON/settings</UserSettings>

    <UserData>/Storage Card/NAVIGON/settings</UserData>
And now settings will be stored in to the memory card.

7. Now you can open Navigon, but you can not exit it without resetting your navigator, and that is not a good thing. let's do the following:
Open file (from memory card) /NAVIGON/Settings/ApplicationSettings.xml
change value:
Options are:
0: clean quit
1: suspend device
2: suspend device & reset after resume
3: minimize
4: terminateProcess
5: reset device
6: ignore
7: Standby

Because power saving does not work --> standby (7) has no effect. TerminateProcess (4) will exit cleanly when you press the power icon.

8. Power up and open Navigon program from icon. (hourglass will appear when program will create these files explained in chapter 6)
-Set country, etc... whatever it asks.
-Go to settings and change "automatic standby" to "never". If you do not do this, it will just pop up annoying message when you remove power, and do nothing.

9. Exit Navigon pressing power icon.

All done. I think.
I wrote almost all of this from memory, so there might be some mispelled words / file names.

If someone has ways to make that powersave work, please tell me, I think this hardware does not support it, or it is just disabled. Active sync might help here.