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Thread: Mio C320 Simple Unlock ???

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    Mio C320 Simple Unlock ???

    Been a while since I last visited this forum.
    It has a new look now but couldn't find what I am searching for.
    Where can I find the utilities and instructions to unlock Mio C320 (Simple Unlock and SD-Free unlock) posted by Xtyler?


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    Re: Mio C320 Simple Unlock ???

    Here you go -

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    Re: Mio C320 Simple Unlock ???


    I have just done the unlock from xtyler, and that works fine, but how do I get the IGO8 on the C320?

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    Re: Mio C320 Simple Unlock ???

    The site doesn´t works. Before the forum was rebuilt there was a post with the links. Any mirrow?

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    Re: Mio C320 Simple Unlock ???

    Is this what you are talking about? Mirror is


    Pictures not available

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