I would really appreciate any help on my request.

I did the upgrade to my 2410 using the files provided here. However, even though upgrade ended up successfully and my device is now recognized by Navigon Fresh as 2510 when I load the maps (Q4 2010) the navigation isn't really working and I explain.

With the previous firmware and before the upgrade to 2510, when I go to enter a new destination there is a flag appearing depending on the country you are (for me it was the Greek Flag as I live in Greece) and I was able to enter a city name and then an address e.t.c.

Now after upgrading to 2510 this doesn't work anymore. There is no flag and whatever I type in the City it's not recognized anymore. The map files are recognzed however as I am able to see the map and various information by pressing "show map" button. The only way to navigate now is to enter a POI nearby and then ask to drive me there.

Can anyone help me please ??????

BTW, I have done a backup and if I restore it the navigation works again but the device is not anymore recognized as 2510 and I don't have the additional features.

I have attached some screenshots from my device depicting the problem.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance !!

Problem after upgrading 2410 to 2510-screenshot__125249_01012006.pngProblem after upgrading 2410 to 2510-screenshot__125155_01012006.pngProblem after upgrading 2410 to 2510-screenshot__125214_01012006.png