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Thread: Possible to upgrade Navigon 70 Plus to Premium?

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    Question Possible to upgrade Navigon 70 Plus to Premium?

    Hello experts!

    After borrowing and fiddling with all my friends GPS units, it is time for me to buy my own...

    And since I am a graphics-junkie I love the NAVIGON Panorama View 3D - function and have been recommended the Navigon 70 Premium.

    However, looking at prices - the premium is trice the cost of the plus version (€100 vs €300). Is that just software (that I can borrow from here) - or is the hardware just so darn much better so I need to buy the bigger one?

    I specifically want these functions:

    * Safety Camera
    * MyRoutes
    * Active Lane Assistant
    * Panorama View 3D
    * Reality View Pro
    * TMC

    ...preferably in a high-res 5" version.

    Any advice?

    Cheers and thank you for your time and effort!

    UPDATE: Well, I just got a mail stating that the premium 40/42 could be enough for me -and since it is "just" €150 and not really that much more expensive than the easy and plus-versions, I might go with that. If you have any reason why not - pleas tell me! I´m not that much in a hurry... Thanx again!
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