i had a navigon 4350 max, tmc worked perfectly but one day he didn't want to charge so i had to send him back.
i got a new device, but since then tmc doesn't work in belgium. it works in netherlands and germany, but in belgium it keeps on searching for a channel, when it finds one, it stays there only for a few minutes, it never stays long enough to catch trafic info.
i've send it back again and got a new cable, nothing changed.
i've send it back again, they put new software on and formatted and.... nothing changed.
they say it is something with the location tables? anyone any idea were to find the right one for belgium and how to get it on the device?
the last answer i got from navigon was: update the maps to Q1 2011 and the new software will be installed but... tmc still doesn't work.
this new device i got says navigon_tur (i see this in version.xml) since then i always got turkeys maps ready to download
can anyone please help me?
i really don't want to sent my gps another time to navigon!